Friday, January 1, 2010

No more Facebook!

I am very glad that I quit Facebook.

I have more time again to blog!

I took the following series a couple of days ago when we were walking on Åhus Beach.
I love how the rocks are shaped by wind and water, everlasting movement in the elements.
So much beauty and natural ART found on a couple of simple rocks.
Art NOT made by men.
Art made by the patience of time.

Nature keeps amazing me every day.
Live keeps amazing me every day.

Today I caught myself thinking something that surprised me.

I looked at our cat Mika, he was sleeping in my arms and I thought

"You are such a perfect creation of God"

At first I didn't even realize it but then it hit me!

There it was.
I always think of myself as someone who cannot NAME "the" power, "the" Almighty.
I AM a believer. BUT!
My catholic upbringing provided me with nice memories and not so nice ones.
To the nice ones I would count the many times I listened to the church coir, especially at times like Christmas.
To the not so nice ones... well, there are just too many so I leave it at that.
I never experienced the sense of togetherness that I am sure of exists in many (religious) communities.

Another thing is that I don't believe in ideologies.
I believe in the power of love and creation.
And I still don't want to name the un-namable.
I believe in the simpleness, goodness and perfection we are all made of.
The place of origin is the same for all of us.
And so is the place of destination.

I am so thankful that I am blessed with the ability to see through imperfection and see the perfect.
I am blessed that I have the ability to recognize imperfection AS perfection.
Of course there is always room for improvement! ;-)

Well, I just wanted to share this. Not making a big thing about this because it isn't.


Have a great first of January, or what's left of it!!!!!



  1. Nice post, and very interesting rock formations. Amazing what a little time (or a lot) and some patience, and water - and wind can do!

  2. Very wise of you to stop facebook. It can be very addicting and too time consuming for some people. You will have more time for your wonderful photography and your blog.

  3. ...the rocks are beautiful--all the squiggles, just like water rippling over sand! I like the lichens growing on the rocks too. Mother Nature always knows what she's doing! I just don't get Facebook....I'm on it, but the only time I look at it is when someone friends me. I don't even know really how to post on the wall, etc. Blogging takes up so much time, I guess I'm too busy to understand Facebook! Happy, happy New Year!!

  4. Intriguing forms... It`s like an unseen sculptor touched the cold surfaces to create warm lace.

    A very happy new year for you.

  5. Down with facebook! ;o) I've never joined and never will... I'm happy to hear it when people eject. hehe...

    Incredible shots! I like the second to last one the best with the green algae growing on the rocks. I like how you focused on the middle rock and the others are just a touch out of focus.


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