Friday, January 29, 2010

Love Moose!

I realize that my blog has become pretty boring and I don't quite know what to do about that yet.
Writing about the weather and temperatures and putting in some nice photos just doesn't do it anymore.
Quite boring to do a blog like that and I can imagine that is is also quite boring for my readers.
Life in blog-land can be truly boring.

Luckily that isn't true about my "real" life. :))
Especially on days like today, when you drive through the country side, unsuspecting.
You drive and enjoy the winter landscape.

You are on the way home from a walk with Cleo and Hasi is driving, the camera is on the back seat, Cleo sitting in my lap.


Until Hasi hits the brakes and - in a very firm way - says "Grab the camera! Now!"

She stopped the car, backed it up about 20 meters.

That was when the two animals started to move, they really didn't want to hang around for us.
Here are the shots (cropped) I took before they disappeared behind the hill...

This happened just about 1 - 2 miles from where we live. Maybe they'll stop by our place someday...

We love Moose!



  1. So graceful looking for such big animals! Hope that they stop by for a visit one day in your back yard!

  2. You must realize, that to me, living in West Virginia, USA, I enjoy knowing what your weather is like all the way in Sweden. And I like your photos, because it lets me see what Sweden is like, it's landscape and types of trees, and farm's all neat to me. So, when YOU think it's boring, it's not to me!!...debbie

  3. I love Moose! In fact a few years ago I became a b it obsessed with them, LOL! I have never seen one in real life. That is such a treat! I'm glad you got them on camera!
    p.s your blog is not boring! :)

  4. Love the moose but am happy just to visit your blog any time. It's certainly not boring to read and I actually quoted you earlier on today!


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