Sunday, January 17, 2010

Houston, we have a problem!

Now you might think I mean the hole in the gutter is the problem, right?
No, it's not.

It's not Missy either, she is one adorable, always well behaving cat!
She's not going out now, it's way too cold for her - she thinks.
I took this shot of her and her beautiful green eyes from outside through the window.

Back to the problem.
Yes, it has to do with our sweet juvenile tomcat Mika.

The problem is that he thinks he's a dog!
The fact that he's following us around everywhere we go is cute, we enjoy his company because he's funny and very playful.


whenever we try to sleep a little longer in the mornings (that would be mainly in the weekends), he gets bored and comes every 5 minutes to kiss and cuddle.
OR he plays with those imaginary mice under the bed!

He's used to us getting up around 6:30 every morning and when we do so, he's all happy and races around the house.

But if we don't he's not that happy...

BUT when WE are in the need of some extra hours of sleep, WE don't care so much about his happiness.
Why should we, I mean he's lucky 5 days out of 7 right? That's not too bad, isn't it!
We close the bedroom door.
YES, we look him out!


BUT as I said, he sometimes thinks and behaves like a dog, he really does.

Every other cat would sit on the other side of the door, MEOW a couple of times and give up eventually.
But Mika doesn't think about MEOWing, he thinks scratching on the door is more effective.
He must have been a dog in his former life, OR Cleo gave him a hint... who knows.

So he scratches the door, and he's very consistent on doing this.
It's very annoying cause as soon as you fall asleep again he's doing it again!
We really try to ignore him and not reward this bad behavior with attention.

I might have made that mistake once or twice - and he's a fast learner! :(

What a bummer!

Any suggestions?



  1. Your cat is related to my Jack Russell who will tell you exactly when it is time to eat...on the dot!

    Funny cat!
    I've heard they can be that way!

  2. We don't have dogs or cats, so I wouldn't be much help. Nice photos though.

  3. Good Luck! Smart cat is what you've got. Like I said ... good luck!

  4. That is the joy of cat ownership! :) I think cats are hard to deter when they set their mind to something.
    I suggest a good pair of earplugs??
    Missy reminds me a lot of my sister's cat, Morgan. And Mika's eyes are amazing!

  5. I think Pony Girl's comment may be on the right track. Is you guy neutered? That might help him to mellow a tiny bit. I've found that I need to shut the door and keep the cat on the other side and until he/she gets that it's 'for real' they will meow at the door...ear plugs. Dogs are a little easier in this regard. No longer have a cat in the house but did for decades. Now just dogs...they are better about translating 'no' and 'lie down'. :-) Cats choose to never learn the translation.

  6. Thanks guys for the tip! Last night we left the door open and he woke me up with a real kiss! Then he sat on my belly and then he laid down beside me and slept there for quite awhile.
    Then he left again just to wake us up again and again...

    I think the earplugs are no use. It's just a matter of hanging in there and then he'll give up. It's just that he is ruining the door with his scratching...
    We'll have to put something there to protect it I guess....

    Yes, the joys of having a cat are many!

    And no, he's not neutered yet, but we have an appointment next week...


  7. Probably sounds radical: what about a travel box, two rooms away? Since he thinks he's a dog... Lance used to love, and still does, his travel box - it reminds him of the ancient den: homey, comfortable, safe. Seriously! The same concept applies to doghouses. Lance loves to curl up in his. Good Luck!

  8. how cute but that would be a drag trying to sleep in
    you know he loves you thats for sure
    I cant think of a thing
    let us know what you try and what ends up working

  9. Yes, you could crate him for the night, my sister who is a dog lover, breeder, groomer says that often times it works well.
    since we have a new puppy my ears are open to all behavior suggestions!
    good luck

  10. Our daughter's cat, Baby Kitty, gets up at 5:00 AM every morning because I have to let him out of his cage. He is always glad to see me. But he also has a routine. He expects two treats when he gets up. I put them on my desk. He jumps up and eats them. Then he goes to get our daughter up by scratching on the door (she had him de-clawed) and he meows. She has to get up to keep him from waking up the her little daughter. So she gets up and he follows her to the kitchen where he expects another treat to eat. She gets him one and goes back to bed. If we change that routine any, we all must pay for it the rest of the day. He can be a monster at times and does things to get even.


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