Saturday, January 2, 2010

The second of the New

It's really really cold again.
Going out to walk the dog takes preparation.
Cleo gets to wear her warm jacket and we have to put on lots of layers.
When you look at the thermometer you would say it's not too bad, it's the wind that makes it feel twice as cold.

When it is below zero outside, it's also colder inside.
Of course we could turn up the central heating, but starting a nice fire in the living room seems to be a more cosy solution.

Watching those flames is much more entertaining then watching TV!
Especially when you got good company.

My Hasi gave me a box for my birthday, filled with marshmallows and dark chocolate.
All I needed to do was heating up that chocolate and start dipping!
Hmmmmmm! :))
I did share half, of course...

Last night Mika got all excited playing with this plastic container. He had lots of fun with it, jumping in and out, chasing his small balls and imaginary mice around and in the box.
UNTIL he managed to flip it over and get caught under it.
At first he thought it was funny, but then he realized that his situation wasn't so funny anymore.
He turned around and around and looked at us for help.

After taking 2 quick shots we freed him from his unintended prison.
He looked a bit intimidated but as soon as I turned the container upside again he was happy and back in the game.


They are masters of getting themselves into trouble, aren't they.

Time to prepare dinner.
Potatoes and fish sticks it will be.

I really hope we'll get some snow in the next days...

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  1. Oh yes they are! How fun Mika is!

    Cold here too, -15 F this morning. Very frosty farm animals walking about.


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