Saturday, January 23, 2010

It's sunny!

Yes, the sun is shining. Blue Sky!

Cleo will take us for a walk later, but first we have to watch the men's downhill race on TV, the famous "Hahnenkamm-Race" in Kitzbühl in Austria.

This race is always good for spectacular acrobatic histrionics, very entertaining.
AND the austrian runners are usually very good.
A little bit of patriotism can not hurt, can it. :)

The last part of my swedish test yesterday went well. I passed.
I'll have keep working on expanding my vocabulary every day, of course.
But now I have a solid foundation I can build on.
Grammar is not fun to learn, but it is necessary to be able to use vocabulary the right way.

Body Miller is racing down the hills of Kitzbühl right now...
I like him, he's such a crazy dude!
Lets see how fast he is.....

NO, he does not take the lead, probably he didn't go to bed on time last night.

We'll now watch the "rest of the best" racing downhill at a speed up to 140 km/hour....

Have a great Saturday everyone!



  1. Enjoy the sunshine ... it's your reward for working so hard!

  2. Wow what great shots!

    Enjoy that Sunshine.

  3. enjoy your saturday and the sunshine as well. glad to hear about the kitty problem (resolved).

  4. hej, fint foto på din blogg... jag kom ihåg din födelsedag-weekend...


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