Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Lovely, cold day

Yesterday we were blessed with a sunny day, very cold but sunny.

After my two appointments at school (about the bus-drivers education), I had to get some grocery shopping done. I decided to take home something sweet for coffee too.
Around 2pm we enjoyed that afternoon coffee and the cake-thing, and Cleo enjoyed the sun (that was coming in through the window) on her belly, laying in the big blue basket.

Then we went for a little drive.
I took my camera, just in case, and my iPhone which has a very useful little navigating application. That way we can find any (maybe hidden) backroad there is and navigate ourselves back home as well. :)
So we drove down (south) to one of the Nature reserve parks south of here. It's part of the "Vattenrike", the birding paradise of Skåne.

On the way there we "ran into" a pheasant who looked very surprised to see us.
At first he wasn't sure what to do..

Then he decided to prepare for take off...

Lift off...

And bye bye!

A new snow front has moved into Sweden, the snow started falling about one hour ago.
First it was just tiny crystals coming down, now the flakes are getting bigger and bigger by the minute.
In about one hour I have to leave, Mika has his vet's appointment today.
Of course he doesn't have a clue and is playing upstairs right now, wondering why we took his food bowl away last night...
He is very hungry I guess.
(Just in case you wonder why he isn't allowed to eat... he's scheduled for surgery around noon and that has to happen on an empty stomach)

I also have news about the bus drivers course. I will start next week wednesday. I am all excited and hope to be able to be finished, have my license and be ready to drive and work in April.
I don't think driving a bus will be any different then driving a truck, so that won't be a big deal but still...
I will have to study hard, there are a lot of swedish therms (in transportation) I have to learn.
I can't wait to get started! :)

In my next post I will show you a couple more photos of our walk yesterday. Nothing spectacular or so, just some more snow pictures...



  1. Enjoyed the pheasant photos! they sure are beautiful! Nice shots! Good surprise to see such a pretty bird on your walk...debbie

  2. Nice Pheasant photos! We have zillions of them around here, but the Eagles know that as well. The Pheasant are generally spooky, and hard to get photos of.

  3. It's good to see that you are taking some quality time with family in between study and lessons.
    Good luck to Mika! He'll never know what hit him!!!! :o)

  4. I have been's Mika???


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