Monday, February 1, 2010

Additional Family Member!

South sweden has been blessed with more snow and wind over the past few days.
Driving conditions are really not best because as soon as the snow plows have cleared the roads from all the snow, the wind starts moving it right back on again.
That is one of the disadvantages of flat landscape. Large parts of south Sweden are like that.
Lots of agricultural land, not so much forest.
AND after the long winter many European countries have to deal with a large shortage of road salt. I mean, I don't mind driving on snow, it's cool. I like it better then driving on slobber-mix of snow, salt and dirt. Because that is what you get when it's cold and they throw salt on the roads. It is slippery like hell!
I think, compared to countries like Austria or Germany, Sweden is very cautious about the use of road salt. They really think a lot about the damage it does to the environment and only salt when or where they really have to.
I like that about Sweden.
All you have to do is to adjust your way of driving, right?!

That is how the roads looked yesterday. Luckily most swedish drivers are wise enough to slow down when the roads are like that.
We left around noon for another trip to see the German Shepherd puppies.
What would normally be a 1hour 25 min trip was a 2 hour trip yesterday.
But we didn't mind, the excitement and curiosity about seeing them again was worth it.
We enjoyed cruising cozily through the winter landscape.

The pups have grown a lot and are already walking around a bit. They are still very clumsy but that's what makes them extra cute.
When we arrived at the kennel (those folks are very nice!) the puppies were having lunch. The little ones live with their mom in a room upstairs that is set up with a big box where only the bitch can climb out. They have installed a surveillance camera to be able to see what's going on 24/7. The screen is set up in the dining room and the breeders say that watching the puppies is much more fun then watching TV. I believe them!!!

Anyways, after they (the pups) were finished with lunch (at moms milk-bar of course), they (the breeders) brought down the bitch to say HI to us and to take her outside (to do her round).
We went upstairs and.....

well, it's hard to describe what you feel when you see 6 little puppies, just 3 weeks old! And the smell, they smell soooooo goooooood!


While we said HI to all of them, the breeder told us that we would be more then welcome to pick one of the two males IF we would like to.
(That was a very nice surprise to us and we were really really excited by then!!)
We made our decision based on what we felt in our hearts and that made it very easy. We went for the (somewhat) smaller one of the males.

We named him AARON and here he is:

It was funny, because he seemed to know!
We are sure he knew!
While all the other pups went to sleep after we made the decision, he was still up and looking at us, playing with Hasi's finger, biting in her nose and licking my hand.
He even sat down and posed for me - for a perfect shot!

It felt so good to have him in my arms!

He liked playing with Ingrid's finger...

But the camera was interesting too...

We was very curious!

This picture speaks for itself, doesn't it?!!

We'll be able to bring him home in about 6 weeks!



  1. welcome to a new family member. he looks sooo cute

  2. He is adorable! Love the last picture.

  3. Very cute puppy. I like the name you chose. Won't he be fun to have around and nurture?

  4. Beautiful puppy. I wish that you could also send us that new puppy smell ... Nothing like it in this world! Aaron is one very lucky puppy to have been chosen by you two!

  5. Oh it looks like Aaron is going to have a wonderful time of this! What a great looking pup.

    Did you have a talk with Cleo and Mika?


  6. How Sweet! He is a cutie for sure!and yes, you can't beat puppy breath. Aaron is a cute name. wont be long! He will grow with leaps and bounds!
    He sure is nice and fat! Nothing like a little rolly polley puppy!...debbie

  7. Congratulations to all of you, how wonderful. Six weeks will pass in no time at all.

  8. Awwww! I bet you're just *dancing* with anticipation! Aaron is a handsome little fella and I'm sure he'll have a wonderful home with you.



  9. Yes drivers do need to adjust their ways of driving in the snow that is for sure!
    i love the puppy and the puppy smell is the best isnt it?
    stay warm!

  10. SO cute! Just precious, their coat looks so soft. I am glad you got to pick one, and give it a name. I bet it will be hard to wait those 6 weeks!
    Glad Sweden goes easy on the salt. We don't use it here. It can damage the underside of cars, too. Not that we get enough snow or ice to worry about, though! ;)
    That first picture is so scenic!

  11. And there goes my heart......


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