Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Aaron Update

We were finally able to visit Aaron today.
It stopped snowing and the roads are clear and mostly dry.

Aaron is now little over 6 weeks old.


He had been playing for a while before we came, all of them were. That's why they were tired and just a few minutes after we arrived (around 3pm) 4 of the pups decided to take a nap.
Only Aaron and his big sister stayed up and played some with us.

But not for long...

Sweet dreams little guy!

This is a little Jack Russel (twice as old as Aaron and his siblings), who loves to huddle up against - the somewhat bigger - shepherds.

My schedule is pretty tight right now, that is why I don't get to post on a regular basis, unfortunately.
Sorry for that. I hope you all will stick with us anyways, times will change and I WILL BE BACK!



Greetings to all of you from a very white Sweden!



  1. Awww! He just gets cuter and cuter doesn't he? These photos are fantastic! At least when they're sleepy they're easier to photograph! ;o)

  2. He's a beauty!!! So glad that you got to visit with him. Little does he know that you will be his family one day soon!!!

  3. He is so cute!! Getting bigger every week! Three more weeks and then all three of you will be heading home! glory be the day!!...debbie

  4. How exciting. He is a beauty, i love his gaze. I'm glad to hear it won't be long now, and that your snow is clearing up?

  5. Very cute. He looks very huggable.

  6. OMG....Grab that JRT and put it on a plane to Pennsylvania!

  7. Dogs and dog pictures does it for me. I am as pleased as a kid in a candy store with a fist stuck in a jar of chocolates. I would take any of them dogs or the Jack Russel. Our last two dogs were Jack Russels. Yappy dogs but nice to have known.

    Thanks for the visit. When you can. Appreciated.

  8. We have been buried in the white stuff. I love my dog so much. She was a beautiful pup. Your baby is delightful. I will be looking for a pup in the coming year. Great pics.


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