Sunday, February 14, 2010

Still Winter in Skåne

FIRST - new photos of our pup Aaron!

Our little man is 5 weeks old now.

Only 4 more weeks until he will come home with us!!!


Yes, he's adorable. And so are his brother and sisters.
They are very open and friendly, playful and funny.
The breeders are doing an amazing job preparing them to be family and working dogs.
It's the first weeks of a dogs life that are the most important, what they learn and experience during that time, good and bad, will stay with them forever.

That is also why we try to visit him at least once a week. We are very lucky that the breeders allow us to do that.
It's also nice to see that they don't lock the puppies away in a shed or room, they are in the kitchen almost all day and well integrated in family life.
They've already met the vacuum cleaner, are accustomed to kitchen noises and meet every visitor who comes in.
What a great start!

As I said, 4 more weeks and he'll come home to his new family. :))
Knowing that he is in good hands makes the waiting easier.

SECOND, it's still winter her in Skåne.

We got some more snow this week, not much but enough to spend some time clearing snow in the yard.
We had to call in the help of our little tractor this time, the first time this winter. And probably the last time. :))

We've been walking with Cleo of course, found a new place/road with almost no traffic, but nice to walk on. Most of the trails are impassable at the moment and that's why we have to swerve out on the farm roads.
Which gives fantastic photo ops IF the camera is brought along...

Young cows at the hay feeder behind a huge farm.

Lot's of silage left for the cows! :)

Farming equipement on winter break.

Old(er) barn/shed in swedish barn RED - a splash of color in all that white.

And a modern barn/shed. Modern but not as beautiful as the older, smaller brothers. :)

Have a great week everyone!!! :))


  1. Nice series of photos today. It looks pretty wintry there! It's pretty wintry here too. We woke up to 17 degrees below zero today. That is one cute puppy too.

  2. Oh my gosh.......your puppy is adorable!! It's nice you get to visit him until he's ready to leave his mama! We have 6-8 inches of snow on the way...again....Old Man Winter will not leave! I'm with you....the older barn is infinitely more beautiful......

  3. Wow is he growing fast! He is so, so cute. It's amazing how much he grows in just one week!! I know your anxious to bring him home. I love the old barn photos and the new ones are good too, I just love OLD barns. So much character! Happy Valentines day to you both!!...debbie

  4. Aaron is starting to look more like a dog than a hamster! I'm so excited for you... what a great birthday present for Ingrid! A present that will keep on giving.....
    And, as I said on your other blog, the barn photos are very nice. You have a good eye and an obvious appreciation for the country that surrounds you. Hugs.

  5. It looks like you are getting some bonding time in with Aaron. He's looking a little more grown up each week!
    Love the red barns (both old and new) in the white snow! Have a happy weekend!!

  6. Aaron is growing up!

    Love the photos, old barns are such great images to 'shoot'.

  7. Hello,

    I like the pictures you have here the clarity is great. I spent a lot of time in North Norway when I was in the forces and we visited places in Northern Sweden and I thought it was a fantastic country. I am looking forward to follwing your blog through the seasons.

    Good luck. Cheers

  8. Aaron is such a sweetheart! It sounds like he's getting a great start at life and he will be a superstar already when he comes to live with you. :o)

  9. think how much fun you are going to have with him in the snow


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