Thursday, February 18, 2010

Winter is showing us his power - again!

Just two days ago we read the weather report and had smiles on our faces when we heard that the temperatures would go up...

But winter changed his mind and now we are back to snow and stormy winds!
Of course! Why not!

The animals are smart, in the morning they look out the window for a little while and then they take naps. All day long!
One after the other.
They are so smart!
They find the best, softest and warmest places in the house, and often they place themselves in our arm when we sit at the PC (luckily we just need one arm/hand to operate the mouse and surf the web! )

Cleo is more active, sometimes she even tries to wake Mika up to play with her, but he's just not interested...

Yesterday we got to celebrate our best friends birthday.
Together with her and her little girl we went into town and had a fancy dinner.
We all had a great time!

The best part was when we got to eat desert, apple pie with vanilla sauce, Creme Brulee and Ice Cream for me and the little girl.

She must have felt like it was HER birthday too, because she was allowed to eat the whole thing all by herself - with her fingers.
She started out using her spoon, but soon she seemed to think fingers work best.
It took her forever (and as a result everything started to drip down on her) but she seemed to be in trance - or just plain happy!

We'll take it very easy for the rest of the evening - and week, if it keeps snowing like that.
Our friend is having a big birthday party on saturday, hopefully the storm will be over by then!



  1. Oh MY! those desserts look yummy, and your photos are so beautiful, i love them all. i hope you don't have to wait too much longer for the springtime weather to come.

  2. OH YUMMY!! Is the little girl eating her ice cream with her fingers?? oh my! The photo of Cleo & Mika is really cute. Mika looks a lot like our Ernie....debbie (great photos)

  3. Wonderful photo of Missy Lou!
    And yummy, those deserts look so good!
    Stay warm ... we are looking at more snow tomorrow also....poop!

  4. Yes, she did eat at least two scoops of strawberry ice cream - with her fingers! And she loved it!

    I don't mind it that we'll have even more snow - I just hope for sunshine and clear skies in the weekend so I can take some great pictures!!! ;-)

    And THEN I am ready for spring! :)))

  5. Aw... I wish I could nap all day like your pets! Mine are home right now and I'm guessing they're probably napping too.

    Those desserts look DIVINE!!!

  6. Oh that does look wonderful.
    My dog likes to try and sit in my lap when I am typing!

  7. The naps look like a perfect way to spend a stormy day. And, mmmm, ice cream soup. What a little sweetheart.


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