Saturday, February 6, 2010

4 Weeks - Aaron is getting bigger and cuter!

We just came back from another visit at the kennel.
Our little AARON is getting not just bigger, he's getting cuter too.
Last week he and his siblings couldn't stay on their feet for very long, today their walking was still wiggly but much better. It's good that their feet are still so short, every time they fall over it is not far to the floor! They just roll over!

Aaron is tired...

But one thing is for sure, the more they move around, the harder it is to get a decent shot.
The light on the kitchen floor was bad and my (Canon-)kit lens has to work hard to keep up with them.

Their ears have grown a lot and they start to look like real shepherds now.

The picture below is from the breeder's website KENNEL TARRIQ
Aaron was just one or two days old when it was taken..:

We'll go back next Saturday.
It's so much fun already to play with them now, they look at you, come to you, sniff, lick your face and crawl on your lap.
One female pup, Aaron's biggest sister, tried to scare my camera away!
When she saw that big, black thing in front of her, she got a very belligerent look on her face and if she would know how to bark, she would have done that too.
She walked up to the camera like "What's up! Are you talking to ME??!!"
And then she seemd to say "You stop looking at me like that, I am not scared! Yu betta getoutahere!!!!!"
A very dominant little girl, let me tell you!

My first few days in the bus drivers course went very well.
For now it is only theory we have to learn, the driving comes later.
I am looking forward to that though. That's the fun part!
Until that I'll just keep learning new vocabulary, swedish road signs and traffic rules.

The past week was pretty nice weather wise too.
We had quite a bit of sunshine and the we'll have 9 hours and 2 minutes of daylight tomorrow.
It's almost time to say "good bye" to winter, we'll just have to be a little more patient, that's all.
Just a little...

I really have to go back to work now, have to study a little today and then I have to update a friends homepage as well....

Take care you all!



  1. He is really growning. It's fun to watch their coat change to many different colors until they finally get their mature coat color around a year old. He is looking pretty cute! I bet you can't wait to get him home...debbie

  2. what a cute little guy! it's gonna be interesting how he will influence the dynamics amongst all your pets, don't you think? they'll all be puppies again :)
    it sounds like your life is very full of exciting new experiences :) how wonderful!
    have a great week y'all!

  3. He is so adorable. Puppies are a lot of work but you'll be great with him. Look forward to his transition home and introduction to the rest of the family!

  4. He is such a handsome boy! He will be a great protector and friend for you, I know it. *sigh* Puppies just melt my heart!!!

  5. Aaron is a real cutie. Love the photos.


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