Saturday, September 25, 2010

Quit spitting and show compassion!

What A WEEK it has been - or better 10 days since my last post!

I GOT UP this morning and guess who greeted me on the stairs with a loud "purr" ...

MIKA was outside all night, as usual, and when Hasi and Aaron got up (about two hours before me) he came in. And so did Missy, as every morning.
That is our routine, or better their routine... they go outside every evening, hunt, sleep in the firewood shed and do what ever they do (some of it I don't even want to know like crossing the street into the forrest!), and in the morning they come back in.
And then they usually eat and sleep all day.

Mika comes - when he feels like it - and consumes some cuddling moments and many kisses of course.
He loves kisses! :))

Then, after the cuddling and kissing, he decides if it it's time to go upstairs for another nap inside or if he goes back outside to nap in the shed...
Being a cat it all about being spontaneous, right!
Mika has a new nick name - Ingrid gave it to him... PIMPELOENTJE.
Don't ask me how you are supposed to pronounce it, I would say try the dutch way - if you can!!! *lol*

I can't say it any other way.
As much fun as meeting all kinds of different fellow humans, although the meetings are very brief and shallow most of the time which is OK when you "meet" hundreds a day...
It is interesting what some people do when out in public, they do it ALL THE TIME and they do it mostly without even noticing themselves that they are doing it...

When I prepare to stop at a bus stop I see them checking their watches, for example.
When they are in the bus they check the watches again and they keep doing it...
I mean what's the point in checking how late it is all the time. It doesn't make the time go by any faster or slower as a matter of fact...
AND it doesn't make me drive any faster - THAT'S FOR SURE!

Others (male AND female) spit on the sidewalk all the time before they get onto the bus. And they spit onto the sidewalk after they get off the bus.
Don't get me wrong, I am glad they safe the spit for the sidewalk and don't spit IN THE BUS! At least that is what I hope!!!
But what IS the point in spitting? Is it only "cool" and "hip" or does it serve any particular purpose?
I don't know, I just never feel the need to spit and I feel fine without doing it.
Unless I have cat hair in my mouth after kissing MIKA... then I spit, maybe, and certainly not in public.

Others wear headphones all the time and listen to MUSIC. Or whatever you want to call the noise MP3 players and mobile phones produce nowadays.
I feel like no one can live without NOISE anymore.
NOISE that has to cover up other NOISE... like traffic, other humans voices and children's laughter, even pleasant sounds of nature...
As long as the noise coming out of the headphones covers up ALL the other noises, they are happy.

I think headphones are also a way of self protection these days.
When a human meets another human with headphones on, he knows that he or she is not supposed to talk to that other human because that human wants to be left alone. Got it?!

Well, WHAT ELSE are humans doing when they are out in public, on their way to work, their way home from work, to or from the boutique, the dentist, hospital or vet (dragging their dog along onto the bus and over the sidewalk where all the others (humans) spit onto before...), the restaurant, social security service, bank, grocery store, video store, school or university, church or mosque ........................................................?

Well, they DRESS differently and BEHAVE differently. They all try to express their INDIVIDUAL personalities in a different way. And THAT IS GOOD.
And FUN to watch.

Well, not always. Not if they show aggression and vent their frustrations onto others...
But the thing is, it's not even personal if they do that.
They just don't know where else to put it.
Many of them live very lonely lives.
I think that is something we have to keep in mind when we go out and deal or meet up with other fellow humans.

There is only one word I can think of right now and I will simply end this post with it...



  1. Interesting observations of human activities. A dear friend of mine here in the Northwest drove a bus for years. She was a veritable PhD of human behavior when she finally moved on to other employment. Will you drive through the winter as well...interpid soul that you undoubltedly are..,

    The photo of the flower is so delicate and pretty.

  2. I love the fact that you are using some of your "drive time" to analyze people. My dad's favorite people to haul were his "Mrs. Kroger's kids". Mrs. Kroger taught the developmentally challenged class, and he just loved those kids. Always smiling and happy... Unlike many of the folks that you are transporting.
    Very glad to hear that you are having fun with it. Gotta love the work you do, it makes the time pass so much quicker!

  3. I love all the things that humans do on a bus. You should only see what they do out of their own environment when they get on a cruise ship! They figure they will never see the other people again and do all sorts of things I am SURE they would never do in front of people they know at home. Of course, that is one of the great things about being on a vacation, right? ;)

    I very much enjoy your posts.



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