Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Practice/playtime at Aaron's dog school

Since I'm not able to go to dog school with Aaron and Ingrid (I am usually working - or already sleeping on thursday evenings cause I have to get up so early...) the both of them invited me to join them today and watch one of their "between classes" training sessions.

The sun was shining all morning (also during my walk with Cleo at the beach of Åhus), but when we arrived at the trainings field the clouds were thick and many.
But the one who couldn't care less was Aaron...
He started singing while we pulled into the parking lot, all excited and anticipating that he would see all his friends from class...
His face looked a little confused when we took him out of the car - like - where are all the others..?

Of course we didn't leave the house without photo equipment - resulting in a couple of nice shots we want to share with you guys...

Ingrid and Aaron playing with the fetch stick...

 Where do you go with it mommy..???

Could anyone please help me get it back!!!???


OK! No problem! :)

"Heel Aaron"


 It was nice to see them work and play, Aaron really enjoys being there and it's also nice to see that he is having so much fun doing what is asked of him. Although he's still like a big puppy sometimes and nothing - or better - no one is perfect right from the beginning...


I don't think so...

It's nice to see when love, patience and consequence pays off - great Job Aaron and Ingrid!!!

Howdy to all of Aaron's fans!!!



  1. Michi .... Keep in mind that he's not LIKE a BIG puppy, he IS a BIG puppy. Looks to me like he and Ingrid are doing just great! He is a puppy in a dog's body .... beautiful.

  2. What a guy! Aaron is just terrific. I bet he has big drippy kisses across your face, too. We get that from Erik and Penny every morning.

    Aaron is so precious. I can never see enough pictures and hear enough about him.

    Hugs and pets to Aaron,

  3. I adore Aaron!!! He's so beautiful and smart!!! So great that you are giving him these opportunities...he must be a very happy pup!!! ~Janine XO


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