Monday, September 6, 2010

Special visitors on the bus

My day started early again and I have to admit - I DO NOT LIKE THAT!
So, now I said it!
I am definitely NOT a morning person.
But hey!
From tomorrow I'll work afternoons and evenings! So I get to sleep a little longer! HAHA!
At least for a week or two - or three...

It is not so much about how many hours I get to sleep, and it doesn't mean that I would sleep in until lunch time if I could. When I have get up early, I get to bed early.
I always try to get at least 7 hours of sleep and that should do it, normally. Right?

What can I say, I am in a much better mood when wake up "when I am ready to" - when my body is reaching "operating temperature" as I love to call it. :)
And guess what - I am not in a good mood if I awaken by the terrible beep of an alarm clock.

I used to drive trucks a couple of years ago - and I worked nights.
I used to say, I'd rather go to sleep at 5am then go up at 5am...

Well, anyhow. Tonight I am the master of the remote control!!
Hasi decided, that since I don't get to watch TV so much anymore I should have the remote today.
She's so sweet! I am watching Grey's Anatomy"...
And I am working on this post...


I had visitors on my bus today, during my break.
My Hasi and Aaron came by to keep me company.

Aaron got to sniff through the entire bus and was calm and excited at the same time.
It was cool to watch, he is climbing onto everything if he can. He always does. He doesn't seem afraid of anything which is cool too.
And he loves to check on what I am having for lunch...

And he's checking out the people who walk by the bus...
Especially when they look into the bus, he watches them even more closely - and that makes them look away! *lol*
Good boy! That's how you do it! :))

Hope you all had (are having) a great Monday!


  1. nice post, nice visitors! I'm so glad that you are getting in a little remote time. Enjoy your afternoon driving shift/schedule!

  2. ...hope you had a wonderful day as well. I'm not a morning person either. I worked all summer to turn my clock around and try to become one, but here I am at 1:41 in the morning wide awake. Oh well... Very cool bus!! This summer was very busy, and I was away from my computer most of the time...I have a lot of catching up to do! I like the new look...

  3. I like the picture of him on his hind legs looking out of the window - it reminds me of people in a zoo looking at the animals!

  4. THAT is one BIG BUS!! For some reason I was picturing a cute little trolley car type bus. That thing is huge. Liked your visitors! Enjoy your lunch!!...debbie

  5. I think waking up without assistance from an alarm clock is great...unfortunately I have to use one everyday except weekends -just can't get into the early morning groove without it sadly.

  6. Tried to post a comment here earlier this week...but Blogger is giving me trouble!!! What an impressive looking bus!!! And how professional you look!!! And Aaron is adorable as always!!! Hope you are having a wonderful weekend!! ~Janine XO

  7. Oh, that is so sweet! You know your Aaron is just my favorite bloggie doggie!



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