Wednesday, September 15, 2010


Since today we (dog owners) are allowed to use the beaches again for our walks - with the dogs!
So that is exactly what we did today! ;-)

We were watched by a seagull, a very curious one...

Cleo was all about sniffing after all the rabbits who live on the beach while
Aaron was (very) busy with keeping his family together (meaning he was circling us all the time)
and trying to pick up the biggest stick on the beach!

Why the biggest?
Because he can! ;-)

And he was watching the waves... and so were we.

It was quiet on the beach (just below a little village called Olseröd, south of Åhus)
and quite warm too.
We got lots of rain over the last few days, but it never got cooler then 12-15°C.
During the day temperatures go up to 20°C and it's very humid and muggy.
Dragonflies are still hunting in our garden when the sun is out.
The grass on the lawn is growing like mad and the foliage on the trees starts changing it's color.
Leaves start falling down and it feels very autumnally.

I had a day off today. We started the day with a good latte, took the dogs for a walk in the woods, went to town for breakfast and picked Ingrid's new eyewear up at the optician.
By the time we got home it was only lunch time. And our afternoon was full of activities as well.
It is amazing how much one can get done when getting up early! *lol*

But now it's already pitch dark outside which means that I have finish up here and get to bed.
It's going to be a long day again tomorrow, driving bus all day...
Just so you know...


Wishing you all a beautiful autumnally day!!!


  1. Hi there, You lucky people!! We have to wait till the first of Octobre,then we can go again on our "own" beache for a walk with my dog Cash.
    Now we have to drive with the car for 20 minutes, to another beach where dogs are allowed in summer.

    Greetings from The Netherlands,----------Els

  2. Very nice little photo essay of your trip to the beach. Lovely area. Glad to see that you and the dogs can use it again.
    Signing off for the week. Hugs to all of you.

  3. Aaron is such a character!!! And a delight!!! What joy it must bring you to watch him grow!!! This is a wonderful photo essay!!! I so enjoyed your walk on the beach...feel like I was there, too!! Your seagull photos are breathtaking!!! ~Janine XO

  4. We have no restrictions about dogs on beaches in the UK - I hadn't realised there were restrictions elsewhere. You live and learn.

  5. I enjoyed that comment about why the big stick for your he dog, "because he can". Aren't they so like people too sometimes.

    I am glad your opportuities are enjoyed. I guess it makes us realize what we have when we have it and when we don't.

  6. I never get tired of seeing your images of Aaron. What a handsome guy. :) Our dogs love water, too, and visit a friend often who has a large farm pond.


  7. Very nice photos. Aaron's growing up too fast, isn't he? Just like kids do.

  8. Just stopping in to admire your photos once more!!! Hope you had a lovely weekend!! ~Janine XO


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