Sunday, September 5, 2010

Quite a contrast

I just had no time to take any photos this week.
I've been working every day (except) tuesday when we went to see Aarons little brothers and sisters.
I worked yesterday too, which makes this Sunday morning feel more like a Saturday morning, which it isn't... because tomorrow it will be a Monday - so today can't be a Saturday.
Well, anyhow, now pictures at this point.

The area where I get to drive through every day is really beautiful. Here, where we live the land is mainly flat with lots of farming land and some pastures with good looking, fat cows, calf and bulls.
The bus depot where I work from is located about 40 min north of here, the landscape there is different.
Less farming land, more pastures with cows and lots of forrest.
That's how it is in Sweden, the more you go north, the more trees you'll see. And lakes.
Beautiful lakes. And Moose and wild hogs...
I haven't seen them on my tours so far, but that is more then okay, because if I would see them it would mean they are crossing the streets which would mean that I might hit one of them and I don't want that to happen.
Yes, the landscape up there is beautiful and every time I drive those small roads through that extensive hilly landscape with lots of trees left and right, I fall more and more in love with it.
Most of the (deep green green) pastures are fenced by stone walls and barbed wire and everything looks and feels raw and wild.
The forrest here in Sweden (at least most of them) are not as "cleaned up" as they are in Austria, where I grew up.
After each storm I remember my father and grandfather cleaning up every single tree and branch that had fallen down right away, no log was allowed to go to "waste".
They would drive out with the tractor, pull the timber out and cut it into firewood right away.
And if a tree is sick or arid, it has to go down too. It will be sawed out right away and cut into firewood as well.
Everybody did that and still does, the timber industry in Austria works like that, the woods are clean and tidy.
Here folks handle it more natural, when a tree is blown over by a storm or dries out and falls they often leave it and allow it to decompose.
I love that because it will give other life forms a new home and the possibility to grow.
Like those ants building their "house" on top of a supposedly dead log...

Well, anyhow, I like the more natural approach.
The tree falls, bacteria and worms take care of it, ants, lizards and birds have something to eat and we are able to explore and enjoy all those beautiful life forms around us.

Nature, woods, trees...
It's so quieting to walk through a forrest.
Especially after a day working as a bus driver!
I mean, it's quite a contrast really.
I am on the move constantly by driving, people are moving with me and around me, an illusionary lack of time makes many of them stressed and move even faster.
Being "on the move" and experiencing all the moving around me makes me tired.
But when I go into the woods (usually accompanied by a sniffing Cleo) and look at the trees, I get energy back.

It's fascinating to watch them, standing there like it is the most natural thing there is.
And for them it is.
They are not moving, they don't have to.
Their roots are reaching deep down into the ground and only the tops are bending when touched by the winds.

That holds so much peace.

And only when you stand still yourself, when you focus on your feet and try to imagine having roots yourself reaching into the soil...
Only when you allow yourself to feel the winds touching your face...

Only then you will feel that same peace.
It fills you with new energy, gratitude and happiness.

Have a great and peaceful Sunday everyone!


  1. precies!
    nice post. i agree with all you say. and it doesn't just apply to busdrivers but to anyone i think...

  2. Beautifully written have echoed my feelings in the countryside.

  3. I guess I'm inclined to love the natural way of nature. However, your dad did it to keep everyone warm I'm sure. Those ant hills are really something!! wow! Glad to hear your enjoying your job and you have nice senery to boot!! Hope you have a relaxing day!...debbie

  4. Boy those ants must be building a Grand Hotel! Nice photos.


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