Sunday, September 26, 2010


Anky van Grunsven (worlds best Dressage rider) goes REINING at the World Equestrian Games in Kentucky!
How cool is that!!!
She and her horse Whiz are doing an incredible job and help the dutch team to reach 5th place.
Anky herself calls her new career in the reining sport  "a hobby that has gotten out of control"...


  1. Wow! How terrific! What a performance!

    And, for those who haven't been there, the Kentucky Horse Park hosts all types of horse events, has an outstanding museum, and provides horse and carriage rides. It is a photographer's paradise only an hour from our home. We have visited many, many times.

    Cheers for Anky and Whiz!


  2. It all looked like she had the riding part totally under control. Very disciplined, and Whiz is simply beautiful.

  3. Yes, she does a good job, and the horse too!
    I saw a video on youtube from last year where she took the horse to the first international show, she just had the horse for a month... boy what a progress in just one year!
    I'll post it later so you can see for yourself.

    @Lois... How nice you get to live so close to such a fantastic horse and riders (and photographers) paradise!!! Will you go there to see shows on the WEG??

  4. They did a great job. I don't know much about reining but I do know about horses and the video of the horses first competition against this one is remarkable! Thanks for sharing them both.

  5. I live 10 miles from the KY. Horse Park and saw her compete! Great job! Going back on Friday to take in more events. Glad we are having good weather for all of our visitors.


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