Sunday, September 12, 2010

Belated report from last weekends little road trip

The past week was packed with work so I didn't get very much laptop time...
So here are some belated photos from the drive we went on last Sunday.

Wooden crates ready - waiting to be filled with potatoes

Mare and two foals on a hillside (second mare not on the photo)

Straw bales waiting to be picked up and stored away in the barn

John Deer tractor with huge plow - really HUGE!

So huge! 7 plowshares!

Straw piled up on the side of a field

So much straw! 

Beautiful clouds on the sky

"IF DOG ATTACKS lay still - until help arrives"

Cleo "carrying" a stick - Aaron dropped it on her *lol*

Lake "Immeln" 

Lake "Immeln"

And again... Lake "Immeln"

Mushroom - edible or not - it sure is pretty! 

HUGE Mushroom - Cleo posing for size comparison

Aaron carrying stick - the bigger the stick is the better!  

Turning left to Sibbhult...

Aaron looking out of car window at parking lot

Not much to see but green grass and lots of trees, blue sky and cute clouds

One of the roads where I drive bus... lots of moose and wild pigs live in this area. 

Trees against the blue sky

Can you see the woodpecker???

Cleo and Aaron on stone bridge

Lake view at a rest stop on the way back home



  1. I like the attitude of your dogs. Laid back. Relaxed. Eager to move on. And all the photos are nice.

  2. Glad that you are enjoying your weekends! Two days in a row is always very nice.
    We will be leaving for Costa Rica on Thursday. Away for one week. Very worried about Maggie, but she will be in the good care of our neighbor, who is a hospice nurse. I think she'll be OK.
    Trip was planned long before mag got sick. TTYL

  3. we have that same beware of dog sign in german on our gate, even though obviously we have no dog. "lay on the ground completely flat until help arrives." *LOL* it cracks me up!


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