Wednesday, June 2, 2010

We moved house :)

We have landed in our new home!

The last 4 days were tuff, we worked hard and our bodies were exhausted by monday evening (and we are still in the recovering-phase).
But everything went well and that is the most important thing.
We slept quite well those first two nights, we like the house and the animals seem to like it too.
This house is much smaller then the one...
we left behind, but that feels very good.
We must of course adjust to the smaller space but I have to say this feels much more cosy to live in.
And small space helps you make decisions too...
saying good bye to things you never use anyways (and which only take a lot of space here and there) is much easier when you don't know where to put them.
Why keep old shoes or old cloth when you know deep down inside you'll never wear them again?
Why keep old videos or dvd's when you know deep down you'll never watch them again?
The last few days were mostly rainy. Today it's finally sunny and Hasi is outside right now mowing part of the lawn. The door to the porch is half open and Mika is already checking out the bushes (perfect cover to spy on the birds) around the house, the dogs are doing their afternoon nap and I see that even Missy has come down to check out the situation (she's sitting in the kitchen in safe distance from the stairs just in case she has to beat retreat!).

We don't have TV yet, but that is OK, as long as we have Internet! :)

I had another driving lesson this morning while Hasi unpacked boxes and arranged part of the furniture.
I thing we'll be mostly unpacked and settled in by the end of the weekend.
By then I will also have had the time to take a couple of shots around and of our new home... so be patient please, photos will follow!  ;-)

Some of you were wondering why it is that we moved around so many times in the last 7 years...
Well, I have to say moving is not our hobby, that is for sure but we are those kind of people who like to make new experiences, who are not afraid of change.

Since Hasi and I are together we "lived" in the US for a little while (9 months), then a short time in Austria, and from there we moved to Holland.
Then, after 4 good years, we moved back to Austria and another 5 years later we decided to go to Sweden where we are now.

We are curious people and maybe we'll keep wandering around until we have found "the perfect place" - if it exists.
A place where we can imagine to grow old.

We know that it's not the place that really matters, home is where you make yourself feel home.
Home is not necessarily the place you are born or where your entire family lives.
It's not where your closest friends live either,

the feeling of being HOME

comes from inside yourself, that is what I believe.

We are not running from something, we are not searching for something either... I guess we are just curious what life and this beautiful planet have to offer.

However, moving is somewhat stressful but it can also be exciting!
You get a tiny feeling of routine after a couple of times and it teaches you that it's really not so much the house or place that matters in order to feel happy (For me personally that does not apply to the thought of living in a city, I would be miserable there!!)

With every move I feel it is easier to let go of the past and of all the material things in my life!
I am happy as long as I know that I have my little family around and that they are happy as well.

Mika is now laying at the doorstep, almost asleep. And as I look at Cleo and Aaron, who are also deep asleep I feel happy.
I think Hasi might come in soon to take a break and she might want to have a cafe latte too...
So I'll better go and turn on the coffee machine!

We are home!

Thank you all for your kind thoughts and wishes!




  1. Hope you love your new home and new location!

  2. Moving is not easy, but you sound happy. You have lived in many interesting places. Where were you in the US? Look forward to seeing pictures.

  3. Glad your all in and things are starting to become normal. How interesting that you've lived in so many different countries!! Which one have you liked the best so far? Sweden maybe? I can understand the moves. You actually have stayed a long time in many of the countries. I think it's kind of neat that you can just pickup and try new adventures. I agree with you about keeping stuff you don't need. I'm not a keeper. If I don't use it or wear it for awhile - out it goes!! Can't wait to see pictures of your new place and the countryside that surrounds it. I really enjoy seeing photos of different countries. And to think!! YOU get to enjoy it!! ...debbie

  4. I'm so glad your move went well and look forward to pictures of the new place and especially of Aaron. I've fallen for that guy.

    The snail on your header is very pretty. Ours are just yellow and black stripes.


  5. Moving is very stressful, but you're right -- it's exciting. We are going through the same thing right now -- moving, downsizing and simplifying. Best of luck to you! Sounds like it all went well.

  6. Best of luck in your "new" home and on passing your bus drivers exam. I "found" your blog through postings on a couple of other blogs - In Lois' Hands and Montana Girl. It's great to see other photographer's work and read their comments. Please do stop by our little blog spot (thefrogandpenguinn) when you have some time. Grenville and I enjoy drop-in guests who stay on as friends.

  7. Thanks for stopping by our little blog. I'm Dorothy (aka Beatrice).

  8. Congratulations on getting settled in! I could probably use a move about now - to help motivate me to get rid of a lot of things! I look forward to the pictures. :)

  9. Hello again,

    I left something special for you over on my blog today. Please come by and take a look.



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