Saturday, June 19, 2010


For the first time in the 3 weeks that we are here in our new home it feels like we are finally organized.
We cleaned up the garden, adapted it to our and our animals needs, almost everything we need found it's place in the house and today we even managed to clean up the garage. 
It was a big mess! 
Boxes, tools, furniture, mattresses, all mixed up and in piles. 
There was absolutely no chance to fit a car in it! 

That has changed, the garage/shop is all organized and tidy. 

There is just one problem left, we still can't put the car in the garage because of this...
We bought some firewood, i would estimate it's 12 cubic meters.
There is one big pile sitting next to the garage and one smaller one in front of it and until we get it all moved into the shed the car will sit outside in sun and rain. 
We don't mind the rain but it's not nice to sit in a car that has been warmed up by the sun for hours. 
We are spoiled - I admit that. :)

Another big point on our daily agenda is the soccer world championship! 
4 weeks of soccer soccer soccer!
Ingrid loves to watch high class soccer games and the dutch team is luckily still in the race...

Tomorrow we'll go on stacking the firewood. 

Have a great ROTW (restoftheweekend) everyone! 

PS: TODAY the swedish princess Viktoria got married -
with her fitness trainer who is now prince Daniel!
Congratulations! :)


  1. Having the winter wood all stacked and covered is kind of like getting the hay in for the year. It's a good feeling. Have a ROTW yourselves and BTW, I'm glad that the wandering feline came home.

  2. You are so right MJ, it really feels good to be "ready for the winter"!
    And yes, it is kinda the same feeling as getting the hay in... ♥

  3. How nice to be settling in! Good to have that firewood ready.

  4. It's nice getting everything settled into a new place and wich you much happiness in your "new" home. Hope you also take time to have a good weekend and relax!

    Yes, cats are strange creatures, but very lovable too.

  5. Ah, yes, firewood. You look as if you have a good start for Fall! We have a pretty good supply right now so will be ready for Fall. Several years ago when all of my kids were still in school a friend and I were talking about fireplaces, firewood, and log carriers. He asked if I had a good log carrier (meaning those canvas or leather things with handles) and I responded, "Yes, I have three of them. (pause) Two male and three female." OK, maybe you needed to be there.... ;)

  6. I like your surroundings. I smiled at the wedding of the princess. That was one smart guy.


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