Saturday, June 19, 2010

Overnight Adventure

CATS are strange creatures!

Our MIKA is almost one year old now and we notice changes in his behavior. 
He met his first strange cat a couple of weeks ago - it must have been a very mean one because he ended up sitting in a tree... 
He did not even think about coming back down, even though it was already getting dark!

I had to climb up a ladder and "rescue" him.
But that is part of a cat's life, they have to learn that life is not only a vacation.
They want their freedom, make very clear that they need it and TAKE IT whenever they want. 
They only come when they are hungry or when they want to cuddle. 
The cat is the one who makes that decision and that is OK with me.

After our move here I had to rescue him a second time from a tree. We suspect the neighbors cat scared him and he was a bit in shock. Again. 
He took a TIMEOUT - the following 3 days we didn't see much of him downstairs. 
On the fourth day we encouraged him to go outside again, I mean there comes a point where you just think "get over it buddy! life goes on!"
He made a round trough the garden and seemed fearless again. 
We expected company that day and decided to take him inside for a while, and after our friends were gone we let him out again. 

He had a wild look in his eyes and was all enthusiastic spying on birds and climbing trees. 
I sat outside for awhile on the porch and enjoyed watching him, thinking that he was his old self again. 
It's so nice to watch a young cat exploring the world!
I called him but he didn't even have time for me and vanished into the bushes behind the cabin.
That was the last time I saw him...

WE went to look and call for him several times that evening but it seemed that he had vanished from the face of the earth!
Eventually we went to bed after sunset - worried. 
Our boy was on his first overnight adventure, all alone in the dark! 
We didn't sleep so deep that night, always kinda alert, listening...
I left the window open just in case.  

I woke up 5:45 am! That was when I heard a very loud and desperate MEOOOW!
I jumped out of the bed and looked out of the window and YES, there he was, our boy MIKA!
He was so excited to see me, I really think he was never happier before - AND HUNGRIER *lol* 

He ate and ate and ate... 
and we cuddled and cuddled and cuddled!

And now he's a very happy INSIDE CAT AGAIN. :(

I think he's had enough adventure for a while.

It's just so sad to know that he's upstairs all day long while we have such nice weather... 
He's taking another TIMEOUT. 

CATS are strange creatures!

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  1. :) Aww, I'm glad he made it home just fine with new experiences behind him. Obviously, he wanted to be home as much as you wanted him to be there.


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