Sunday, June 20, 2010

A thousand thanks!

About 10 days ago I got an award from Lois at "From Lois' Hands".
Obviously I was just too busy to post the good news...

Here it is!

Ta Ta!!
Thank you so much Lois for thinking of me and my blog, I am glad you enjoy your visits here and I am not only thanking you for awarding "hillybillyfarmgirl" with this BEAUTIFUL award, thank you also for leaving comments every time you drop by! ♥

So, here are 10 things you might not know about me...

1. My favorite time of the year is spring.

2. I don't like large crowds of people.

3. My favorite drink is and always has been cold milk.

4. In the winter I love to wear socks in bed. 

5. I never wear skirts or dresses, the last dress/gown I ever wore (many many years ago was long and dark blue).

6. My favorite brand of jeans is Wrangler.

7. I love the smell of grass.

8. I also love the smell of horse poop ;-)

9. I don't like beer and wine!

10. I love to cook, but I hardly ever use a cook book. I just look in the fridge to see what is there and then I create funny new meals! :)

So! That was that. 
Now I have to choose a couple of bloggers who I think deserve this award...

That is really the hardest part. 
And because I don't fell like making any decisions today (I wouldn't even know which one to pick or not...),
I'll just pass this award on to all of the bloggers on my personal blogger list!! 
Yes, to all of you! 
Congratulations to you all, every single blog is great and unique, any single one of you deserves this award! Enjoy!

♥ Hillybillyfarmgirl

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