Thursday, June 10, 2010

Aaron's second day in Kindergarden

The day after the move, our first day in the new house, we were just too tired to go to class with Aaron.
I remember the evening as it were yesterday.
We had moved most things on Monday with the help of Hilde and ML (Thank's ladies for working so hard with us!).
Tuesday we were on our own again, we went back to the house in Fjälkinge one last time to load one mort trailer and finish cleaning.
In the afternoon we came back...
, left the trailer outside of the garage, went inside, started a fire to get cosy and landed on the sofa just to take a nap!
Then I had to drive back to Fjälkinge around 4pm to hand over the keys to our former landlord and went to the supermarket to get some groceries.
After I came home I fell on the sofa again.
None of us had the energy to go to puppy class that evening so I called the instructor to cancel.

Now, this week tuesday we were all settled in and we were looking forward to another lesson at dog school.
And so was Aaron. :)

Ingrid and Aaron did do their homework and had practiced a lot - "sitt" and "ligg" was not a problem at all. AND he was concentrating much better then the first time too.
The instructor checked on everyone and gave tips and in between giving commandos the dogs got to watch the other dogs as well as play and cuddle with their humans.
But for Aaron all of it was taking too long time...

He gets bored really quickly!

I would say he's almost like a Mule, he does what he's asked with great enthusiasm.
But then, after about three times, you hear him think
"what's the point of doing the same thing over and over again when I did it perfect the first or second time already..?!"

He's very intelligent our boy and needs a lot of stimulation.
But we also have to remind ourselves every day that he's just 5 months old, that he's just a baby in his mind - in a big body!
That is why playtime and cuddling is always our priority.
It's just nice that the instructors at the dog school think exactly like us. :)

After about 30 minutes we finished up on the field and went inside to hear a talk (from a vet assistant) about dog health care. The dogs were allowed to join us and that was really fantastic.
We think that this was the most important lesson for Aaron that evening.
He was in a small room with a lot of people, strangers, and all their puppies.
Some of the puppies gave him the "play with me" look and others the "stay away" look.
Ingrid had some small discussions with him before he was able to settle down.
Not that he was all wild or so, no, he was only ..."not happy".
This was an unfamiliar situation AND he was tired, BUT most importantly

The talk took about one hour and Aaron slept through most of the second half.
We were so proud of the little guy. Even though that sounds funny calling him the little guy because he's the biggest puppy in class.

Next week we'll have two lessons, one on Tuesday and on on Thursday. We are looking forward to that and keep practicing all kind of things with Aaron.

He is so sweet. Right now he's changing his big molars and that seems to take a lot of his energy.
This morning he even had a hard time eating and he's sleeping somewhat more.
Just a couple of weeks and he should have changed all his teeth.

It is so amazing to watch him grow. When you thing about it - just 5 month ago he was only a tiny puppy, he didn't even look like a dog with his small round ears and his tiny, short legs.
His ears really fit to his head now, he's getting really handsome.

Finally I'd like to post a photo I took a day or two before we moved.
Hilde, Ingrid's sister, took a nap on our sofa and Aaron joined her laying down at her feet.
It looked so cute!


  1. You deserve to be proud parents. He's such a bright and handsome puppy. BTW ... I appreciate your liking him to the mule. I get that! As with any really smart individual, whether it be canine, equine, ass, or human, repetition, when they "get It" on the first try, can be very difficult and bothersome.
    Give Aaron a hug from his Auntie MJ.

  2. Love your header! I've been gone, so I'm really behind on my commenting. Sounds like you've been busy!

  3. Aaron is getting so grown-up and handsome!!! You must be sooo proud of him! He is truly a spectacular dog...and sooo smart! What a combo! So glad that his second day in "kindergarten" went so well! Have a beautiful weekend with your wonderful family! ~Janine XO

  4. Aaron is a good looking dog and sure you will be proud of him when he graduates!

  5. He is making great progress and comes to a beautiful sit! Congrats on the new house. Hope you all (includes the critters) will be happy in the new diggs. Hope you will not be moving anytime soon. It is so hard on the body ~ no matter what your age. Have a great week!

  6. Just stopping by for my midweek visit with one of my most favorite families! Hope everyone is happy and healthy! ~Janine XO


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