Thursday, June 10, 2010

This post...

...should have been posted a couple of days ago.
I was working on it for over 30 minutes and when I was ready to publish I got an error message from Blogger and EVERYTHING I HAD DONE was GONE!
So I dropped the whole thing and went to bed...

Today I am trying again. And please be prepared - it will be a long one and I hope you'll enjoy it!

The post would have contained many photos from and around the new house AND the animals.
I am of course adding those photos here again (if Blogger let's me publish this thing this time!) but first I'll give you the latest news on my bus-drivers license...

I really consider it a miracle that I actually...
did pass the driving exam!
Yes! I did!
I still have moments where I have to say it out loud, to myself, and to Hasi, and to the animals! :)

I was really nervous yesterday, my heart was pounding like crazy just minutes before the exam started even though I was really well prepared. The thing is that I did have "nervousness-issues" with exams before where my brain got totally blank - but I have to say that this phase is luckily over. :)

First I had to do a security check of the vehicle which went well.
The verbal exam where I had to tell everything I knew about security installations and rules regarding a bus went also well.
Then I had to drive...
It's really difficult to drive when you know that there is sitting someone behind you who is checking on EVERYTHING you do, EVERY SECOND of the ride.
During the drive I did get into trouble - of course - why not?!?!...
But I kept focused and kept on driving and doing the best I could.
I had 2 moments where the voice in my head told me: THIS IS IT - that was STUPID - NOW IT'S OVER!
What made me even more insecure was that the traffic-inspector (that is what they are called here) didn't show any reactions, any emotions and he didn't say one word - except for telling me where to drive next.

So when we got back to the parking lot where we had started from I just thought: "Well, it's okay, I will do the driving exam again, there are worst things in life right!"
I turned off the ignition, filled out my tachograph disc and looked at him to hear the "verdict"...

He (a very nice man in the mid 50s with a mustache and grey hair) looked at me for a short moment and just said: "Jag gratulerar dig till körkort D" - which means CONGRATULATIONS to your drivers license! :)
I am glad that there was no one there to see my face!
I was so surprised and the only thing I could say was "aha!"

He gave me two examples where he thought that there could be room for improvement in my driving techniques but other then that he said that I did fine.


I still can't believe it!
Ha Ha!
When I laid in bed last night waiting to fall asleep I kinda "replayed" the entire exam in my mind.
And even though the exam long was over and I knew that I had passed my heart started to pound like crazy, all over again!

I had to laugh about myself and with a smile on my face I fell asleep...

I do think that this part of the training, the driving exam, was the hardest for me, now it's "just" a question of gathering up some more energy and self discipline that I will need for the last leg.
And that is to get the commercial drivers certificate which I need to be able to get a job.

But first I'll take it easy for a couple of days, meaning doing some garden work :)),
helping Hasi to arrange some more things in the house and
spending quality time with my little family.


Here's some photos from the house, garage, stuga (guest cabin) and the surroundings...

The next set of photos carry the title "Aaron and Mika are having fun in the garden" :))
Cleo also had much fun in the garden digging holes in the ground but I didn't take photos of her, I apologize for that.
Missy was outside for the first time TODAY - she always needs some more time to adjust and we give her that. No pictures on that event either, sorry ;-)

The last part of this photo-pile features just some random impressions I caught with my camera at the second evening here.
Impressions from the garden, the road that passes the house (which got repaved just the day after we moved in) and our horsy neighbors, the mares with their (born and unborn - see mare with big belly) foals.

I'll take a break now and will continue working on another post later today.
It will cover some random happenings and of course I will report about Aaron's second day in Kindergarden!
So don't forget to stop by again later..!




  1. I just discovered your blog and absolutely love it! I've put your blog on my blog list - check out my blog at

  2. Oh what a relief it is ....
    Your hard work is paying off, things are starting to settle down, and you will begin to have more time to smell the roses (or the neighbors horse poop... or what ever) ... I'm happy for you!

  3. I am so glad you were finally able to get the post done because it was well worth it! First, Congratulations on passing your exam and getting your bus driving license. You red house looks so inviting and peaceful and the Mika and Aaron seem to really love their new home - especially the swimming pool! The horse photos and flowers were lovely as well. Thanks for stopping by to visit our blog too. Best of luck in your "new" home..moving is always so hard, but once you are settled in, it's wonderful.

  4. I think this home looks like your most beautiful yet!!! I hope you will get to stay there for a while!! It looks perfect!!! AND CONGRATULATIONS ON YOUR DRIVER'S LICENSE!!!! That's awesome.

    And as ALWAYS, I love your photos...doesn't Mika look "fierce"--stalking in the grass...:-)) Happy times! ~Janine XO

  5. Hallo Michi & Co
    Euer neues Zuhause ist wunderschön. Wunderschönes Haus mit super Lage im Grünen.
    Glaubt mir wenn ich das als alter Häuserbesichtiger sage. Da bekomme ich richtig Fernweh.
    Bis bald und liebe Grüße von Zilli und Manfred.


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