Monday, April 19, 2010

Waiting for the swallows

Spring is REALLY here.
The meadows and lawns are turning green and even the first branches grow foliage. 
It's a beautiful sight, even on a thorn bush!

I got it all inside, that wonderful, happy spring feeling. 
Birds singing, bees buzzing and so much more... the only noise I miss is
the carols of the swallows.
I am guessing that they are due to arrive any day soon. 
At least that is what I hope. I check the sky every day but nothing so far. 

Aaron is doing so well.

He has long legs, big paws and quite a strong will. 
He's sweet and gentle and hasn't peed inside for more then two weeks!!!
He loves horse poo and all kinds of dog biscuits. 
He loves food and I think he would do anything for it. 
He loves the daily walks with and without Cleo.

Ingrid takes Aaron for walks and I go with Cleo. 
Sometimes we meed up at the gate of the nature reserve and walk back home together.

He really looks like a real Shepherd now, doesn't he. 
Sometimes he's allowed to go off leash. Not Cleo! 
She needs to stay on leash most of the time - otherwise she would just disappear in one of the rabbit holes! 

We love his color and his character. 
Of course, he's a puppy, and that means you can't let him alone much, he's trying to eat everything. 
He loves sticks, rocks and little snails. 
And he loves to play with Mika...

Oh yeah, one more thing! 
He loves to sleep on the sofa! 



  1. Aaron is absolutely wonderful! We have had several shepherds over the years and loved them all so much. I love how big Aaron's ears are. He will be a very big boy when he grows into them. :)


  2. That last shot of Aaron is just striking as all get out. Beautiful photo of him. I'd like to see Cleo get into a rabbit hole! LOL

  3. Aaron is losing his puppy look already! He looks like a Big Boy! He's so pretty and I too like the last shot! Really nice. Cleo is cute too! and I think going into rabbit holes would be great fun. Perhaps he might meet up with Alice...debbie

  4. He is such a beautiful Shepherd! His coloring is exquisite! I love your new header, gorgeous! Your photography is simply amazing! ~Janine XO

  5. Your banner is gorgeous - when I lived in Calgary we called those flowers 'prairie crocuses' - usually the first ones up in spring. Lovely shots of your greenery, and of course, the dogs!

  6. Beautiful photos! Your header photo is stunning!

  7. Oh how beautiful your photos are! and your puppy is surely growing fast! enjoy your spring days!!


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