Friday, April 16, 2010


What a week!
Nice sunny weather, just a cold wind was spoiling the spring feeling from time to time.
We got a lot done this week. So much that I don't even remember everything.

I also got to take a lot of new photos with my new camera :))
Today for example...
I sat on a chair in the garden and the dogs were playing when a couple of
White Wigtales landed on the lawn.
I layed down on the lawn myself and Klick Klick Klick.. until Cleo decided to scare them away!

Then, Aaron decided to water the plants... what plants?

Our neighbor, farmer Lars, was working on his fields...

...and the Jackdaws on their nest up in our chimney!

Later in the afternoon Cleo took me - no I took Cleo - for a walk in the nature reserve.

We walked from rabbit hole from rabbit hole - Cleo's gotta check them all out you know!

Then we sat down on a rock at the (natural) water hole where lots of birds come and have a drink or bath.
It took a little while, maybe 10 minutes, till the birds came back to the water. Of course they were taking off when Cleo and I approached...
After about 15 minutes I started to take photos and some turned out pretty nice despite a "short" lens (70-200) and the "help of" mr. cropping tool of course. :)

Greenfinch (Grünfink)

Fieldfare (Wacholderdrossel)

And last but not least a hazy but beautiful Chaffinch (Buchfink)

I hope I got them all identified right! ;-)

Bedtime now!
Good night everyone!


  1. Once again you have treated us to beautiful images and commentary. Thank you!

    Lois in Cincinnati

  2. I love it...but I have to say the 'catch' of the day was Aaron wandering off with the watering can...priceless!

  3. I agree with Val, to see Aaron "doing his thing" is to love him!

  4. What a lovely post and Aaron watering oh how I wish I could train my abby to do that. So cute.

  5. You did get some good ones! such a wonderful post it all made me smile. every single photo!

  6. Love the bokeh you get with that 70-200mm lens. Great shots, esp your 'helper' dog :)

  7. Lovely post! You are doing really well with your new camera. I love the first shot, and your garden helper is adorable.

  8. I enjoyed reading your tale about your walk with Cleo and I also liked the photo of
    Aaron with the watering can. Both are nice.


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