Monday, April 19, 2010

Meet Joey!

Our good friend Carola has a new puppy.
Please meet JOEY!

Joey is nine weeks old and he's an Australien Cattle Dog.

He's a very compact, funny little guy with lots of self esteem and curiosity.
He'll be a great playmate for Aaron!

He was so proud when he got to carry my hat!
Isn't he adorable?!!



  1. Joey is just adorable!! What a cute little face! They are great dogs! Yeah, he and Aaron can run and run and run together! Tell his owner we think he is just too cute!...debbie

  2. He is SOOOOO cute! He looks so proud of himself, carrying that ball! I love his coloring!!

  3. Thanks for nice comments :-)

    He is really great, slept by my side all night long, went out for the p&p this morning and now Its full activity playing with Edith.

    Love the Colour too even if Its not wanted in the breed, I ordered a cremecoloured cause I just adore it.



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