Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Playtime in Black & White

I was playing around with B&W yesterday, as you can see also on my Photo-Only-Blog.. ;-)
and I enjoy my new camera to the fullest! :))
Of course, having a good lens helps tremendously to create a nice atmosphere through focusing on what should come to our attention the most and putting the rest into "shallowness".
The Canon 70-200 1:2.8 is really awesome. 
To achieve that effect of shallow depth of field I use the AV (Aperture mode) function on my Camera. 
I have to say that
this is the mode that I use the most anyways, followed by P (Programm) and the TV (Time Value) modes.

With this photo shoot I was laying flat out in the grass most of the time which is tuff on the neck, let me tell you! But it's worth it big time! :)
When shooting smaller animals or children it is always best to get on the same "level". 
AND it is fun to see things from a different perspective for yourself, things do look different when you "are smaller".

Now I'll just let Aaron and Cleo tell the "rest of the story"...


  1. Fabulous images! My honey and I are Canon fans, too, and have been for many years. At the moment we are using Canon 7D, 50D, and 30D with a variety of lenses. We also have our "baby cameras" (Canon Powershots) to carry in pocket or purse in case of emergency.

    Love your dogs!

    Lois in Cincinnati

  2. Fantastic picture of Cleo! The last one.

    Arcos with family

  3. Wonderful, wonderful, wonderful. I'm surprised that you didn't end up with nose smudges on your lens ... curious nose smudges.

  4. The black and whites turned out great! I have used mine from time to time, but need to remember to do it more. There is something so calming and nice about it!

  5. Love the expression of Cleo in that last one of her.

    Was she warning him off of 'her' stick?

  6. Great job with the B&W photos. I never think to use B&W much. Very nicely done.

  7. Fantastic!! You are such an incredibly gifted photographer...and I learn so much from you! Love these...and of course, Cleo and Aaron are sooo photogenic! ~Janine XO

  8. very nice...all of them :-)

  9. The dog photos are fun. And I really like your flower shot. I have that lens too - it's wonderful!

  10. Awesome lens and great photos. The 'photo story' of Aaron and Cleo is fantastic of course.

    What great expressions were captured. Did you use that lens also on the shots of Aaron and Cleo?

  11. Great B/W Photos Much more pleasing than colour, and that 70-200mm lens is a real beauty. A comment on your previous post of the unidentified bird it is a Northern Wheatear which has migrated back to its breeding grounds from Africa.

  12. Thank you all for those nice comments! :)

    Cleo really did put up a very prevailing look on her face in that last photo, after all she did end up defending "her" wonderful stick against the boy!
    And yes, I did use the 70-200 lens for all shots in this post.
    It's a great lens even though it's getting heavy after a while.

  13. Wonderful! oh i've enjoyed these so much, and i agree your dogs are very photogenic. i love b & w and for years it was all i shot. still using ilford film, i like it best.

  14. Thank you so much for finding my blog and leading me back to yours! I love your photography and will be back often!! :) Silke

  15. I love your blog! Your photos and comments make me smile. I'll visit again.


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