Friday, April 23, 2010

Aaron's first trip to the beach!

Our great car is all equipped now to make every trip an enjoyable one.
I am speaking for the dogs - of course.
The windows in the back wear sun protection film and last week I installed (Hasi helped of course! ) special grids in the back of the trunk. The grid is fantastic, you can open it on both sides and lock one or both sides.

That is how Aaron is traveling these days...

We went to the beach in Åhus, it was the first time for Aaron.
He was very excited about

the new surroundings, somewhat insecure at moments but that is perfectly normal for a young dog.
After all, he's just a baby.
Cleo showed him the way, of course!

His first contact with ocean water!

Here some more impressions...
See how Aaron's coat is changing?!

And some more...

Last but not least I have to mention that he didn't get sick AND he was VERY tired when we got home! 
He slept like a rock!

Tomorrow we'll take him to the city to get some new experiences! 


This is what we had for lunch today...
(Vanilla ice cream with dutch mini pancakes!)

Why? Because we can! 



  1. Beautiful Dog! Very handsome boy.

    Your beach trip reminds me of a trip we all made with Effie May once up in Oregon!! Seems to me it was a rather chilly day too.

    Tell Cleo that I think she's a beautiful dog too!

  2. Thank you MJ, yes he is very handsome. :)
    And of course I remember that trip with Effie May...
    It seems like it was yesterday. Those were unforgettable moments!
    And yes, it was quite windy that day, we wore jackets and hoods and Effie's ears where "flying" in the wind.
    We still have one toy from Effie, Cleo and Aaron love to play with it.

    Cleo says "HI" ;-)

  3. Aaron is such a character. I am still in love with those big ears. He'll be a big guy when he grows into them. I am sure he is so happy to be able to go everywhere he can with you in the car. :)


  4. Lovely series of the beach visit. Really like the one where Aaron's shadow is cast on the sand. Nice! The Dessert looks scrumptious.

  5. I really like these two dogs and their relationships. It is a marvel to see them out and about and having fun together. You also take some very nice photos.

  6. Aaron is such a wonderful dog!! And I love to see the camaraderie between he and Cleo! These are such fantastic photos...the one of Aaron running...lifted almost above the sand is truly incredible! You amaze me with your talent! ~Janine

  7. Hey, I just showed Toma this post and guess what he noticed? My favorite photo of Aaron running up the beach alongside the surf .... ALL his feet are OFF the ground. Nice shot!!!!!

  8. Just beautiful! your dogs, your photos! the beach! it looks so cold, is that typical weather for this time?
    so glad to see you got your lens repaired! well done!

  9. What a great day at the beach! The dogs looked like they had a ball. Like your new gizmo for the car! Now, I hope he won't jump into the second seats!! lol ...debbie


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