Saturday, April 24, 2010


We took Aaron to the city this morning. Everything went very well, he met nice people and enjoyed the trip. 
Until he got sick on the way home...
He'll grow out of this some day, I am sure. :)

I took some bird shots the other day that I want to share with you all.
I have always been fascinated by Birds Of Prey, the bigger the better.
I love the way they float through the air and the regal look, the sharp eyes and and and... 

So here they are...
Unfortunately I had to crop every one of those photos so they are not so sharp, but still. It's the birds that matter, and not
 the photos!
As I said before, I am not a birder, but a bird lover! 


(There were 5 circling in the sky above me that day)

2 x Red-backed Shrike - if I am not mistaken. - Yes I am... they belong to the family of
Northern wheatear (thank you Chris!)
It's the black mask on the eyes that had me fooled ;-)

The swallows have arrived at our farm! Makes me happy!



  1. Gorgeous flight shots! well done. mine are always quite by luck!

  2. Neat bird shots! I am terrible at Birds...I'm better with trees. They stay still....debbie

  3. So lovely. You do a very good job capturing images of birds. Just a few minutes ago I was emptying food waste into the compost bin when a beautiful little bird hopped out, looked at me, tipped his head, and chirped as if to ask, "Why are you bothering me?" I couldn't put down the food container and get my camera out fast enough to capture that one on a disk. Next time. :)


  4. Hi,
    Well done one the red kite pictures, they are gorgeous especially the last one ;-)

    Concerning the last two pictures, the red backed shrike turns out to be a Northern wheatear not a red-backed shrike :-) Maybe a new species for you ;-)

    Congrats for these nice shots...

  5. @ Chris!
    Thank you for clarifying this, I wasn't sure from the beginning anyways.
    I looked up some pictures from the red backed shrike and the wheatear and compared them... I think (hope) I will never again mix them up. :))

    @ Lois!
    Next time! Next time... ;-)

    @ Debbie
    I love trees too! For that exact same reason! *lol*

    @ Lori
    The ones we make 'by luck' are mostly the best ones, aren't they. :)

    @ Montanagirl
    Thank you!

  6. Beautiful photo's! Such magnificent birds! Blessings to you and yours. Love and Light, Nina P

  7. You did a great job with these photos! Lovely!

  8. Fabulous Flight shots there girl. Loved them all and I hope that Aaron grows out the of motion sickness...not fun getting sick in the car...I can sympathize.

  9. I think your shots are fabulous!!! You are such a connoisseur...but for the rest of us, these would be beyond our skills! Loved these! Hope Aaron is feeling a bit better now that he's not riding in the car...carsickness is terrible! Have a wonderful weekend! Hugs, Janine

  10. are doing fancy techno stuff with your blog! Too cool! Can't wait to see what else you come up with! Hope you have a wonderful week! ~Janine XO


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