Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Joey meets Aaron - and Cleo

Our good friend Carola was so kind to pick me up at the autoshop yesterday morning to take me home.
(Our car got Solar Protection Film on it's windows now!!! That will help the dogs stay cooler in the summer when we travel... )
Carola did have Joey with her - of course he has to go where his mommy goes - and so it was logical that this was the right moment for him to meet Aaron and Cleo.

I have to say that Joey is a very confident little guy, and he's got a huge attitude too!
You should have seen him!
He was somewhat insecure in this situation, of course, but he handled himself quite smart.
Out of the car he started barking and made himself as big as possible to see if
he could impress Aaron...
It worked somewhat at least.
It took them a while to check each other out before making the first physical contact.
Joey of course was searching for constant protection by getting as close as possible to his mom's feet (or ours). But then that is not good, we agreed to leave him every time he came to us so he didn't feel too strong. After all, he has to learn that fearful behavior is not to be rewarded.

So he had to deal with all his emotions of meeting another young dog that was twice his size for the first time, and he did very well.
It didn't take long and the two young boys started to measure their strength with each other, in a playful and sometimes rough way.
It was hilarious to see them roll and bite and chase each other!

Cleo was handling the situation sovereign, as always.

But now enough talking, time for photos!

Aaron learned quickly that the most effective way to get the little crook down on the ground was to use his paws. He just "flipped" him over...

but Joey didn't like that and got quite upset!

 "Krokodile" Joey... going for the kill! *lol*

But in the end Aaron was "on top" again and they started to play a little with each other.
Of course, when young dogs play, it is ALWAYS a way to measure who is the fastest, strongest and smartest...

Next image:

Cleo kinda interferes, telling the boys to "cut it out"!

Notice Joey's tail straight up in the air... That is what I call attitude! I hope that doesn't get him in trouble someday... after all he's only 9 weeks old now, what happens when he's older?
Aaron clearly has a different character. I mean a Cattledog is a Cattledog and a Shepherd is a Shepherd.
Of course they are different. Aaron is "softer", or may I call it cooler in his head and actions.
Both dogs may have the same goals but they use different ways to get there.

Time for some stick - tricks...

Joey: "Let's see who's stick that is! "

Aaron: "Yeah right, let's find out!"

Guess who won!! ;-)


  1. Hahahaha Laughing out loud, this dog, wow, you should have seen him with the girls yesterday, OMG he is a MAN. HAHA.

    Joey has his own blog now

    Welcome ;)

  2. Just love the doggies at play. :) We have two who play together constantly. We have always had dogs, but got a second dog five years ago. We'll never have just one again. Wonderful play pictures!


  3. That pup has really grown! Amazing what has happened while I've been off line for a while! Adorable photos of the dogs at play!

  4. oh how fun, i love it! your right that little joey has attitude to spare, and aaron is so big now! they are both adorable playing together.

  5. I think that the two boys just may end up being good buddies. Mutt and Jeff.....ever heard that expression?

  6. Well aren't they just adorable! I love to watch the little dominance struggle! You took some really nice photos!

  7. Watching dogs play is always incredibly interesting. Most of the time they sort out who is boss and who isn't.

    Great shots!

  8. I think anybody who has owned dogs could see their dogs in these pictures. You did take some great photos and your words helped to portray a beautiful story. I thoroughly enjoyed the post.


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