Sunday, March 14, 2010

Spring 2010 is really starting to show!

The weekend has ben wonderful.
We enjoy having Aaron with us now, he's such a funny and gentle little guy!


AARON loves to be outside and discover the big wide world with his own eyes, his nose and his paws.
He loves to feel the snow and warmth of the sun.
He loves to sniff everything and...
is very focused on his expeditions.
We think he will be a fantastic tracking dog one day.

He follows us and CLEO through the yard and looks at the birds in the sky.
Every leave, every branch and rock is interesting, he loves to run as much as just sitting or laying somewhere and look around.
It's fun to see how he takes everything in and after we are back inside he's just happy and tired.

MIKA is starting to let go of the fear and is really interested in getting to know the little guy.
They have sniffed at one another a couple of times now and we really think that Mika starts to like Aaron.

The problem for both is that they don't know what to do with each other yet. The body language of a puppy is so different from a grown up dog. So Mika is sitting mostly high up and watching every one of Aarons moves.

Sometimes Mika jumps down on the floor or sits on the chair to "meet" Aaron and then it's fun to see how they check each other out.
I think Mika is the first cat that Aaron has met so far and he too has to figure out what it means when a cat is doing all the things a cat does...

MISSY unfortunately is another story, she'll be refusing to meet Aaron for a couple of weeks to come, that's for sure.
But who knows maybe she comes down sooner then we think, you just never know with animals, right!

Spring is now really starting to show itself in many different ways.
Even though we did have a minor snowstorm today, the sun is getting stronger and stronger. Nature is slowly awaking from it's long sleep and there are a lot of things to discover while snow and ice melt...

Yesterday was Hasi's birthday.
We had a quiet day at home just as Hasi wanted it.
She doesn't care much about celebrations or parties, so we didn't plan anything.
Family and friends from Austria and Holland called during the day to wish a Happy Birthday and then our friends Carola and ML came for a visit late afternoon, we had some coffee and cake, afterwards we went out for dinner.
There is a fantastic chinese restaurant in town and their mongolian bbq is awesome!
The food was sooooooooo good! :))

Thank you all for the best wishes and gifts and flowers!!!
It was a great weekend and we are thankful for all we have,
a good life, each other, our wonderful animals
our wonderful friends!

Have a great week everyone!!



  1. I'm very glad to hear that you had a nice quiet weekend for Ingrid's BD. Sounds perfect!
    Aaron is going to be a very special dog ... I know it already! How can he not, with a family like yours!

  2. Aaron is fast becomming a big boy! and he is sooo cute! Happy Belated birthday Hasi!! Glad you enjoyed your Birthday Dinner! The kitties will come around and he will be protective of them when he matures. Love the photo of the little white flowers!Have a great week...debbie

  3. Aaron is very handsome! I love the snowdrops -- I think that is what we call those flowers here.

    Spring is making its way around!

  4. So glad to hear your spring is arriving, you must be so ready for it. Aaron looks like he is enjoying so much being a part of your family, he is a lucky puppy!

  5. Aaron is such a cute pup. Nice photos.

  6. Aaron looks like a sweet pup! I love his ears! He'll be friends w/ those kitties in no time!


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