Sunday, March 7, 2010

Just 5 more days...

...and then Aaron will come and live with us!

We went there today for a last visit. His ears look very funny and his nose is getting longer and longer.

We brought him a Teddy Bear to play with and when we go and get him on Friday, we'll take the bear back home with him. The trick is that the bear will smell a lot like his brother and sisters and he won't feel so lonely during his first night here in his new home. ;-)

Getting to know his new teddy:

Aaron and his brother in the background:

We keep telling Cleo and Mika (and Missy too) about Aaron, try to prepare them for the big day when things are going to change. I mean, in reality they don't really care about me telling them about him, I think the preparation talk is more for me and not for them. ;-)
Animals take life by the day, by the moment.

We know that the first few nights will be different, challenging and without much sleep maybe.
But let's just hope for the best, hope for a quick and easy transition.
I am sure the animals will adjust to the new situation faster then me! *lol*

One thing is for sure, our family will "kinda" be complete again when Aaron is here.
It will be nice to have "shepherd - energy" in the house again.



  1. Can't believe how big he has become! Gracious! he's really pretty! Do you think cloe will get his nose outta joint with the new arrival? Oh, they'll probably take it all in stride! What a fun day you'll have next Friday! Welcome Home Aaron!...debbie

  2. What a handsome boy he IS!
    I am so very excited for you!!
    Good Luck, and may the whole family have an easy transition from old family, to new, and better family!!!
    I'm so excited for you!!!! and Aaron....

  3. What a beautiful Shepherd!!!! And a fabulous photo of Cleo and Mika, too!!! Very happy for you!!! Btw, I've been meaning to tell you that I love your new header!!! Really terrific!!! ~Janine XO

  4. Won't he be fun? Such a cute puppy.

  5. Your animals are fantastic and beatifull;)))

  6. Oh My goodness he is gorgeous. We had a shepherd many years ago, she was so well loved by our family.
    Congratulations to you all!


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