Wednesday, March 10, 2010


We love to go to the beach, and there are many nice beaches along "our" coast.
This time we drove through the woods out to "Fårabäck", a bit north of Åhus.
We discovered a little "village" of cottages, called "stugas" in swedish.
Part of the coastline there is rocks and part is sandy beach.

All the colorful little boats are laying safe on land. Just the tips of the rocks stick out of ice and snow.

Part of the snow and ice has already melted and turned into those beautiful blue "pools".
Everything around seems asleep.

The cottages are beautiful and inviting.
For me this time of the year would be perfect to take a vacation right there, renting one of the "stuga's".
You know why?
First of all because spring is in the air and second...
it's all quiet there, we didn't see a soul.
I can only imagine how crowded this place will be in the summer.
Nothing for me! I like it quiet.

In the background you can see the harbor of Åhus, where middle sized ships are unloading and loading their containers. It's really a small harbor compared to the big ones in Sweden like Trelleborg, Gothenburg and Helsingborg etc.

More Stugas...

Only a few cottages serve as permanent residence. But not this one... Although! I could really imagine living in such a nice one as below!
I'd only wish for more privacy. :)

Our house hunt hasn't been successful yet. We did look at a couple of places, but they were all right next or near a more or less busy road.
And that is exactly what we don't want. And because we are so "picky" we'll have to keep looking.

It's been more or less sunny the last few days, only today it was cloudy and kinda cold. We even started a fire in the afternoon because we were freezing. That happens when your body gets to enjoy some spring sun for a day or two. Then, when it's gone again the body has immediate withdrawal symptoms.

The first snowdrops are sticking out of the snow and maybe I'll have time tomorrow to take my camera for a little tour through our backyard. :)

Hasi is watching soccer - champions league. She loves to watch a good match. I don't really care for soccer, so it's about bedtime for me.
I really appreciate a long and good night sleep.

With this in mind...



  1. Two more days till Aaron arrives home!!!...debbie

  2. What lovely pictures and what a quaint village. I love the beach with the rocks sticking up. It is a beautiful place. Hope the house hunting goes well.

  3. Very sleepy looking...calm , quiet. I can see it later, when the sun warms everything up again...laughing and fun.
    Happy hunting...enjoy the time looking~

  4. ...what cute little summer cottages. I especially like that last one too!

  5. I love all those cool. The variety of colors is amazing.

    Very nice blog....thanks for visiting mine.

  6. I love the cottage that you say you like!! Charming!! And that picture of the water with the sun peeking out from behind the clouds is simply stunning!!! Beautiful post!! Love the way you have enlarged the size of your photos on the blog as well!!! Really terrific! Have a great weekend! Hugs, Janine


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