Sunday, March 28, 2010

Daylight saving time - Sommerzeit

Spring has just begun and last night we turned the clock forward.
Only one hour.
But that one hour makes a big difference.
Not that it helps humans safe energy - that was the original idea when it was first introduced.
Studies have shown that it doesn't help us save energy at all,  to the contrary.
I wonder why we still use it then! ??

All it really does is messing up our inner clock. It is confusing our body and many people  (and animals) have problems adjusting to it.
Luckily I am not one of them, I adjust quite quickly I have to say.
I still don't get it why we still use it...

AARON is now 11 weeks old. He's a funny little guy and slowly but surely he gets the idea of going outside when he needs to do some business.
We had a couple of very good days and only minor "accidents" inside.
Good work honey!!! ♥

I bought a new toy for him the other day...

He loves the duck, and he quickly learned how to make it speak!
Quaak Quaak Quaak!

He's so smart! And funny!
Yesterday he discovered a new, fun place to lay down!
Remember the cute side table we bought a couple of months back?
Well, look for yourself...

It won't be long till he's too big to get up there.
His energy level is going up by the day, playing, running and barking...
he's still very clumsy and all - just like a puppy.
So cute!
Remember his ears in the beginning? They were touching each other at the top - that has gotten much better, they are much straighter up now.

One thing that hasn't got better yet is the exaggerated affection between him and Mika.
If Mika comes down, he wants to play with Aaron all the time, is doing everything to get Aarons attention.
We have to guide them constantly so that they don't get carried away.
We were hoping they would get along well, but that well??
How do you train a cat and a dog not to play?

Have a fantastic week you all!


  1. Have you ever seen the dog beds that are like canvas platforms elevated off the floor with four legs ... sort of like a four-legged hammock? Maybe Aaron is trying to tell you that he would rather sleep off the floor?
    His ears are beginning to look normal ... like a real dog!! Very handsome boy. Whew, lots of good work "Ingrid" on the potty training!
    Have a good week!!!

  2. He changes everytime you post!! He is so big for just 11 weeks old. He gets prettier every day! I did notice his ears were up more, probably because his little skull is expanding. He will grow into them one fine day! Our dog and cat play chase and hide and seek. I love day light savings time!!...debbie

  3. He is such a cute pup. Growing up so fast! By the way I love your Header.

  4. He is such a beautiful dog. That is so cute the way he fits on that shelf. Fun little guy. Thanks for sharing/

  5. Beautiful dog and I suppose he will grow into a big dog.

  6. ...we used to always say Daylight Savings Time was so the congressmen could play golf longer into the evening!! It does make getting up harder (especially for a night owl). Aaron on the shelf under the table is priceless!

  7. Aaron is simply a gorgeous puppy!!! And it is so delightful that he and Mika get along so well! So sweet! As for daylight savings, I'm with you! I could do without changing the clocks...but I don't know who to lobby to eliminate the practice...sigh...Any ideas? ~Janine XO

  8. Just wanted to say how much I enjoy your blog. I recently signed on as a follower of justamomentpixels and I really like those pictures! Also wanted to let you know that I have an award for you at my blog!

  9. He is such a beautiful puppy, i wish you lots of luck with the potty training. we need it with our puppy too!


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