Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Almost easter!

Just a few more days and it's already easter again.
I wonder if we'll see the easter bunny this year, with the basket on it's back...
Anyways, he'll have to dress warm because...


It's still kinda cold here, the wind comes from a different direction every day and only when the sun breaks through the clouds, is it pleasant to be outside.
Otherwise we are still packed into a thick coat and wear a woolen hat to keep the ears warm!
I was walking Cleo earlier this evening and I regretted not having my gloves on!

But the weather forecast is good, they say we'll have a sunny and warm easter weekend.
We'll see about that, I'll believe it when I see it!

We went on a little trip to Åhus today and Aaron and Cleo were coming along - of course!
Unfortunately Aaron is getting car sick every time, but he still likes to come.
We are trying to plan our trips with him either before lunch or supper.
That way he doesn't "loose" too much of it again.

He isn't too fond of traveling in the cage, but  we did explain to him that this is part of the deal.
It's either the cage or staying home...
No seriously, it's a perfect way of training him to travel by car.
Not only does he learn to be locked in, he will also learn to be alone in the car that way, without chewing on the interior.
In a couple of weeks we'll try driving without Aaron in the cage. He'll have the entire trunk for himself.
We started by "abandoning" the car for only a few minutes at a time, he seems to be okay with it, especially when Cleo is sitting next to him.

In Åhus we went for a little walk in the woods, following a riding trail.
The horse apples were very interesting but not fresh enough to taste them. ;-)
The highlight of the day was his first encounter with REAL horses!
Two very curious yearlings were playing on a big pasture and came running to see who we were...

At first he was very standoffish, almost afraid. He wanted to run away, but he couldn't. So he had to face the "danger", deal with it. We gave him time, forcing nothing.
After a few minutes curiosity prevailed and he started to approach them bit by bit.
His insecurity made him growl a bit, his tail was low but he showed interest and bravery.

Cleo is a big help in situations like that, she knows it all, is experienced and her relaxed body language gives him security.

Sunday we'll look at a house we might rent.
We've been looking for a home for months now, but we had no luck so far.
Maybe this time!
The properties we have been looking at so far were not what we were looking for, so instead of buying we'll just keep on renting for the time being.
So lets hope for a good ending in all of this, we are really sick and tired of looking and looking and looking...

Now I need to go and check on the cats, clean their bathrooms and see if they ate all their food...

Good night you all!



  1. Cleo and Aaron look like they get along beautifully!
    Both are adorable!

  2. Aaron is so naturally cute! Love his curiosity of course...I hope he realizes what a good buddy he has in Cleo.

    Ha Ha on the horse apples!

  3. Gosh, with each new photo he is becoming quite the "DOG". Very handsome boy...he is!

  4. Hope you find a place to rent, keep us posted!
    I can't believe how big Aaron is getting! Cute, his encounter with the young horses. I like your idea of training him to the car/crate, that is a good way to do it (leaving for short periods of time.)

  5. Hi HBfarmgirl! Thanks for joining my blog! I love your blog - beautiful photos!! :-)

  6. Hello Michaela

    It is nice to have met someone from so far away (and the dogs too of course)...

    I will enjoy paying you visits and vicariously experiencing your foreign part of the world.

    Happy days


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