Thursday, March 25, 2010

More photos!

Best friends in just 2 weeks!
Cleo "adopted" the little scamp and that has good consequences and bad ones...
well, mostly good ones. :)

She teaches him a lot of things, gives him security only a grown up dog can give him. 
When I take Cleo for a walk through the nature reserve, he stays at the door mat and waits for our return.
He cannot come with us yet for two reasons, one is that he doesn't have all his shots yet and it would be too risky to expose him to things his little body is not able to resist yet.
The second reason is that we don't want Cleo to teach him that life is all about chasing rabbits...
That will come probably sooner then we want and unavoidably, that's for sure!

We want to give Aaron the chance to make his experiences on his own, with human guidance, at least most of them.
Jack Russel energy is wonderful energy to have in one's life, but for a young German Shepherd's development it can be quite disagreeable at times. 

Sometimes we "pack" the doggies into the car and go for a short drive, (Aaron gets car sick on longer drives) and go for a little walk on places where only a few other dogs come. 
Cleo takes her responsibilities very serious, she shows him how to walk on a leash! :)
And how to have fun by running through high (winter-) grass or by sitting in puddles! 

It's good that a little Shepherd puppy has a fur like a baby sheep! *lol*
It stays quite dry and cleans itself ;-)

Those little walks are so enjoyable, especially since winter has packed it's/his bags.
It's nice that most of the snow is gone. 
On the next photo you see the last snow between the rocks and in the background our farm. What a sight! It makes me so happy to walk up the hill and hear how the birds welcome spring with their beautiful voices. 
Being outside a lot is exactly what one needs after a long, cold winter. 

I hope we'll be able to start cleaning up the back yard soon, remove all the leaves that fell off the birches back in fall. We just have to wait a couple more days till the soil dries up a bit more.
The first snow drops found their way into the sunlight and believe it or not, today when the sun was shining on them they were the first to attract very hungry bees.

It's evening and the animals are all tired and asleep.
Thank goodness! *lol*
Since Aaron is a early-morning "person" meaning he get's up way before 6am sometimes 5 am - our days are quite long. 
So I'll be jumping into bed soon since the TV program is unappealing and there is nothing else to do today.
Good that we are heading towards the weekend again, isn't it! 



  1. AW! How sweet! I'm so glad that Aaron is settling in and that Cleo is taking such good care of him. They make such a beautiful pair!

  2. How wonderful to see the spring arrive and your happy family enjoying it all. Aaron is growing so quickly, it's a good thing you are taking photos to remember his puppy days! Cleo and him together are SO cute!

  3. I love the pictures of the dogs!! They are so good! He is growing so fast!! And changing colors! How cute that they are fast friends! Beautiful flower photos!!...debbie

  4. You have answered my question regarding size / Jack Russell vs. German Shepherd puppy. Cleo will be the little munchkin next to Aaron very soon! Good thing that she is the BOSS! I guess?
    Thanks for sharing your life with the new puppy. It's so enjoyable ... especially at this distance!

  5. Nice series of photos again. Those dogs look they're having a lot of fun!

  6. Your doggies are so cute. Great photos..

  7. ...those are some of the sweetest photos! They are just adorable together. Have fun this weekend. Beautiful captures of the spring snowdrops...

  8. I must say I can't remember when I have enjoyed a blog post as much as I did this one. Since I love dogs, and even had a Jack Russell smooth coat, I can imagine how days go at your house. Our dog was a yappy one. LOL Still miss her a lot. Aaron is growing and I still can't get over how his ears point towards each other.

    I really liked the pictures of the dogs out on their own. Also liked the farm from the hill with the rocks. And the snowdrops are nice too. We had two inches of snow here day before yesterday and most of it melted yesterday. Hope this day will be snow free.

    Have a nice weekend.

  9. Thanks for the Sunday visit.

  10. Great photography, love the pics of Little Aaron and Cleo. Linda :) & Prince
    Prince adds he gets car sick too, we are working through small stage trips with the bonus of walks forhim when we get there, its slowly improving.


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