Saturday, March 20, 2010

House training and cat-moves!

We say good buy to this long winter, slowly but surely.
The weather is still not the best, it's foggy and rainy, but temperatures are climbing. 
Also slowly but surely.

Our week has been characterized by our new family member's needs and his daily schedule. 
Meaning we had to get up earlier then normal cause Aaron is very HUNGRY by 6 am AND he needs to go out too. 
Well, he would still be going (pee) inside if it would be his choice (I guess it's just more convenient for the little man!), BUT that is not our idea.

Hasi had quite a few young dogs during the years and I asked her today what was the shortest time ever that she had a puppy house-trained...
she said 2 days! 
Aaron doesn't want to break that record, he doesn't want to break any record it seems...

We are trying so hard, but he just doesn't recognize the benefit of letting us know when he has to go. He is very quick to find a carpet (he is very sure about where IN THE HOUSE he wants to do it) and lets nature take it's course, almost with a smile on his face! *lol*
We take him out after meals, after naps, after playing sessions and in between...
We do what we can, and he does too. :)

I am really not complaining! He is such a sweetie and he's already doing so well. 
He's gained 1,5 kilos in one week and is developing nicely.
Cleo is not only teaching him the art of sniffing all around the garden, she's trying to teach him the basics of digging too. Yeeha!

Cleo loves him to peaces. She plays with him every day...

Aaron and Mika are best friends now. 
The two boys are playing with each other and believe it or not, Mika has thought Aaron a "cat - move". 
It was so funny to see that, you know the move when two cats meet and try to impress one another by sticking their buds up in the air and moving kinda sideways, that's exactly what Aaron did! *lol*
So funny! Awesome!

Hasi is also playing with Aaron, and she's teaching him important stuff too. Stuff like how to handle a person wearing a huge red tube! *lol*

That's it for today.
Good night world!



  1. Aaron is so beautiful. What gorgeous shades he is. Two day to train a dog that is a record in anyones book. Hope it goes fast. He looks like a smart puppy he will learn fast.

  2. Sooner or later he'll start to lift his leg to pee. Hopefully by then he'll be "doing It" outside! Love the photo s of him and Ingrid and his good buddy Cleo.... Have fun, he'll be a BIG dog before you know it and peeing on the rugs will only be a memory...thank goodness!
    Have a great Sunday!

  3. He is growing so fast! The puppy stage can be quite trying at times. But, it's worth all the trouble. He'll catch on and all the bad things will be a distant memory!...debbie

  4. Oh he's so cute. we are doing the exact same things trying to house train our puppy. giving lots of love and positive encouraging words. he gets it right only half the time.

  5. What a very cute dog Aaron is. I have never seen a dog able to turn his ears in like Aaron does. They are almost touching.

  6. ...look at the size of those paws! I just love them. Aaron looks like he's a handful, but a fun handful. Hope he "gets it" soon!


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