Sunday, May 9, 2010

The weather...

It's still quite cold here! Spring is really taking a lot of time this year.
Our friend Carola has been on the island Tjörn this weekend, that is north of Gothenburg - on the west coast... she said they had FANTASTIC WEATHER. 20 ̊C !!! AND SUNSHINE!!!

I mean, we did have some sunshine here too, I just can't remember if it was friday or saturday...

We took the dogs for a walk in the woods which was nice.
Aaron loves to sniff on anything that there is on the way, we even "hide" dog biscuits on rocks and other places so he can use his fantastic sniffing skills to
the fullest! :)
One moment when he was busy "recovering" a huge stick....

...I went ahead and sneaked away behind a tree!
Ingrid didn't have to say much and he started to search for me.
He found my tracks with ease and followed them - he had found me in a matter of seconds  and I got "retrieved" back to the path quickly. :) *just kidding* After all he's not a Retriever, he's a Shepherd and he likes "the pack to travel together. Anyways...
He was happy to see me and very proud at the same time. And so was Ingrid! ;-)

I'll have my first driving lesson on tuesday... :))

Have a fantastic week you all!


  1. Thanks for great images once again. I hope it warms up for you soon!


  2. Nice photos. I can say we have frost here today and it is still cold. Hope we both get warmer weather soon.

  3. Very nice post. Good photos too! Aaron is looking like a growno-up dog now!

  4. Aaron is just beautiful. So handsome! Good luck on your driving Training! I know you'll do just peachy!! pretty photos!! ...debbie

  5. Fantastic stick!! Aaron makes me smile great BIG smiles! Love it! How fun that you played a "game" with him, and that he found you! You are so smart...and uh, so is he :-) Hope the sun shines for you brought sunshine into my life today with this post.Gorgeous photos, as always! ~Janine XO


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