Friday, May 21, 2010

Darling home alone and the flu

This weekend is a long holiday weekend in countries like Austria and the Netherlands. Not so in Sweden.
Here it is just a regular weekend.
But MIDSOMMAR isn't far away... Sweden celebrates the arrival of summer in about a month and everybody starts to look forward to this festivity many weeks or even months earlier.

Of course summer hasn't arrived yet, but we did have very nice 26 ̊C yesterday and that feels like summer! :))

The week was half good, half bad.

We got a message from our future landlords that we'll get the keys to the house latest on the 31. We hoped to be able to move a couple of days earlier but there's nothing we can do, that's how it's gonna be.
Luckily we have very nice "current" landlords who really don't mind if we do need one more day IF we fail to move everything on monday. They are and always have been very kind, uncomplicated and friendly. After all, they let us stay one extra month even though our contract ended end of April. But we are very nice people too, so... ;-)

All is fine with Aaron, and Cleo got her summer haircut. You should have seen Aaron's face when he saw her, it was hilarious! It almost seemed if he didn't recognize her at first, of course after her bath she smelled different and the short hair made her look different.
He was very attracted to her, it almost seemed that he had a crush on her!
But now everything is back to normal and they have their daily little fights... or let's call it arguments.

My driving training goes well and monday morning I'll have my theory exam.
So for all of you who have time... please cross your fingers!

The bad part of the week was - or is - that Mika got really sick.
Even though he doesn't go out so much he "managed" to catch a virus called calici, a form of cat flu.
Little over a week ago he had a fight with the first strange cat he ever met, and that very cat must have been carrying the virus. I mean what are the chances of that happening???

At first we were dead scared for him, because with a virus infection you never really know what happens. Even though most cats overcome the virus it's the secondary bacterial infections that can complicate the progress of the disease.
Mika does not show any of those possible complications so far! Of course he feels terrible and because of the ulcers in his mouth and on his nose he has a very hard time eating anything, but so far so good.
The vet checked him yesterday and was very positive, he said that Mika should be feeling better in two or three days.
It's VERY hard to watch this little guy going through so much pain, even though he gets medication for it. Or against it...
However, my heart was hurting, but what is so nice and positive about all this is that our little family is so tight. You can see how the animals are feeling with and helping each other and my HASI was the bastion of calm - as usual. It's so nice to have each others support in times like that!

And through all of this trouble AARON had his first experiences of being "home alone" this week.
He had to stay home a couple of times cause he gets still car sick from time to time.
Not even CLEO was there to support him... but maybe that was better anyways! She's mostly teaching him things we don't want him to learn and so we thought it would be a good idea to bring her along.

We just left him in the living room, with his toys and a bone...
Everything was still on his place when we got home.
He is such a darling!!! :))

Have a great weekend everyone!


  1. Very sorry to hear about Mika and hope he is better really, really soon! You are lucky you came home to a normal house! just kidding. I'm sure he just had a nice long nap and worried when you'd be back! Good luck on your Theory test!! will be thinkin' of you and wishing good luck!! ...debbie (we have had nothing but gray skies and wet for the past 5 days except for yesterday it was sunny.)

  2. I'm sorry to hear about your baby with the flu. :(( It's a shame we can't explain to our animals that they will feel better.

    I have sailed into Flaam, Norway, on a ship the morning after midsummer celebrations where the huge fire at the end of the fjord is still smoldering. When it is still dark upon arrival, we can still see the embers burning. Beautiful. :)

    I'm glad Aaron behaved when you left him alone! We've had Shepherds who have been destructive the first times alone.

    Happy weekend,
    Lois :)


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