Monday, May 3, 2010

Appendix to SUM SUM...

Cleo and Aaron had a great week too!
And so did Missy and Mika!

Missy outside, a rare occasion!

Aaron and Cleo playing with Hasi! Cleo is even DANCING! *lol*

By the way...
SOMEONE has to WORK while we all have fun, right?!

:)) ♥


  1. Darling pictures of the four legged children. :) I just love Aaron's ears - still bigger than he is. I'll keep checking back to see how he grows into them. :))


  2. Beautiful happy sunfilled pictures! love cleo dancing! good luck with all your studying.

  3. I love the shot of Missy climbing through the window, how lovely! Also, Cleo and Aaron waiting for treats is too adorable!

  4. LOL - Missy looks as naughty as our kitty 'Lola'.

  5. ...cute photos of Missy, and Aaron is just gorgeous! Makes me think of my old dog, Sudsy.

  6. Love the pet photos! Aaron is growing so darn fast! He's so pretty! ...debbie

  7. Our Missy loves to bring in her prey. Got another lizard brought in to show off this morning. where did she leave it???

  8. I ADORE Cleo! Such lovely photos! I always love my visits here...your furry family always makes me smile! ~Janine XO

  9. Your header is stunning! All your photographs have just the right light, great job and very enjoyable. I love animals too and in your order.


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