Monday, May 24, 2010


We have new "neighbors"!
The owners of the farm moved their horses back "home" for a while, until the place gets sold I guess.
There is plenty of grass on the pastures since we don't have horses anymore and it's nice to see that it gets eaten! :)
Those two mares are sisters, they really do look alike a lot.

AND since yesterday there are even more
horses nearby, on a pasture near the farm where we often go for walks with the dogs.
Those two are race horses (trotters) and very pretty too.

It's perfect to have horses nearby, Aaron is getting to know them better with every "visit" at the fence.  He thinks they are doing something "strange and new" every day.
And they are big!
So big! ;-)

Mika is doing much better. He's going outside again and has much more energy. I think he has still ulcers in his mouth and those hurt, but he's eating. He'll need a couple more days i guess, then he's back to normal. We are very relieved that he got that twinkle back in his beautiful eyes! :)

Another big relieve is that I passed my theory test today! Yeeeeeeeha!
In swedish that means I am "godkänd" :)
On our agenda for the next two weeks it's driving lessons, studying for the driving exam and moving.
Yes, moving... Hasi started packing boxes and they are already piling up in the big front room.
Oh yes, and not to forget that Aaron has his first day at pre-school tomorrow!
I am sure he'll love it!


Temperatures and weather conditions are moderate and inconsistent, but nice.
All the pastures, fields, bushes and trees are green now - no wonder with all the rain and sun we have right now!

That's how the prairie crocus (aka wind flower) looks like now, after the blooming. The plants are wearing those funny, hairy looking heads, called fruits.

And there's a "visitor"... a beautiful red bug, enjoying the sunshine, or maybe just on the hunt.

Now it's time to celebrate the successful day with a special desert!

Good night everyone!



  1. Congratulations for passing the test! :) Your images are gorgeous - I love the horses and Mika, too.

    Let us know how Aaron does in school. :) Our doggies go to school, too, and it's always fun for them and for us.


  2. Beautiful set of photos. The horses - Mika - Nice work.

  3. They are also beautiful.
    We are having some delightful weather here today. I have been out for a brief period and sat in a chair and listened to the birds singing and the mother robin scolding her baby about going there or here. The hummingbird popped in on me and left before I could really get a good look. I find I can fall asleep at the drop of a hat and it feels so good to wake up and realize it is still daylight. Your flowers are beautiful. I have some open but not much variety yet.

  4. Oh my gosh! such beautiful photos! I love coming here, seeing the beauty that surrounds you. thank you for all that you share, and congratulations on passing the driving test!


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