Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Aaron's first day in kindergarden!

We have a very happy, satisfied and tired dog!
Kindergarden was great, very nice dog people and a couple of new puppy friends!
The first day was more of an introduction and Aaron got to wait in the car the first hour.
After all that grown-up talk it was time for Aaron to meet the other "kids" at the parking lot, and that was fun!

Then we went onto the training field, it was time for the first lesson - SIT.

Because of his age (he is the oldest in class) Aaron has the advantage that he already knows commands like sit and down  -
BUT that doesn't mean that we don't have to work with him.
It's easy to follow mommies wishes when we are at home in the garden or out on the trail in the woods....
but EVERYTHING is different in kindergarden.
So much to look at and so many new playmates...
but at the field playing is forbidden!
So the first big lesson for him was not the "sit", no, it was learning to keep focus on mommy despite all the fun dogs and people!
He had some very good moments and we are very proud of our boy.
The first training was only about 15 minutes where the instructors were demonstrating how to get a dog to sit, with the help of a doggie biscuit of course.
Then they gave a couple of tips and examples on how and in which situations it would be best to train the sit at home.
We left the club with a very good feeling.
Aaron was complaining a lot on the way home because he was already VERY hungry.
But he didn't get sick and that was also great. :)
First priority at home was eating dinner, then he went outside to do some business, came back in just to crawl onto the sofa where he is sleeping now, very deeply and happy.

Next tuesday we'll already be living in our new home and the drive to kindergarden (the dog school) will only take about 5 minutes.
We have exiting times ahead of us...



  1. Oh, so wonderful that Aaron had such a fantastic time! That's such a happy story!! I love your new header...and blog name, it appears ;-) Just beautiful! Good luck with the move!! Very exciting! ~Janine XO

  2. It is very hard work being in Kindergarten!! I'm sure he will love going to see his little pals! It's so good for them, esp. big dogs to go to school! ...debbie

  3. How sweet! Yes, doggie school is so much fun for the doggies and the people. Our Penny and Erik just love doggie school and the dog park. Our daughter trains at an AKC club and shows our Penny in AKC Agility trials. Our newest baby, Erik, will start in Confirmation after puppy school that he is starting now at our club. When I get back in town I plan to take pictures. :)

    Positive reinforcement training is the best, too. If you want to have the best training treats in the class, check out my daugter's recipe for liver doggie treats:


    They sure work for us!

    Extra hugs and cuddles to Aaron for a job well done!



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