Thursday, May 13, 2010


Time flies!
Aaron came to live with us 2 months ago.
He's grown so much already, he's learned some good stuff and behaves himself quite well.
It's the time now where he changes his teeth from milk to permanent dentition.
His jawbones and gums are hurting him and ...
chewing on all kind of dog toys, pig ears and bully sticks helps him.
In the morning he's usually full of energy and needs a lot of outside playing time.

The weather has been good lately, except for yesterday - RAIN!
Cleo HATES it, Aaron is also not really fond of rain but he tolerates it as long as we offer him some entertainment.

We got fantastic news yesterday. We'll move close to Åhus in only 2 weeks from now (as most of you already know..) and we tried to sign Aaron up for the Puppy Pre School class in Åhus Brukshundklubb sometime ago. Unfortunately the classes were full and they didn't know yet if there would be another date before fall...

Tuesday I got an e-mail saying that we were welcome to sign up NOW on their homepage because they were able to schedule an additional class! Yeeeha!
So Aaron will start KINDERGARDEN on the 25th this month.

MIKA on the other hand is almost grown up now and definitely hit the "serious time of life" - stage.
He just came and laid down next to me to remind me to tell you something he experienced two days ago...
He usually does go outside several times a day to "check on things", doing all the things a cat does normally - now that he's all grown up - and because he stays close to the house and inside the garden we don't worry too much.

Mika last year when he was just a baby...

And Mika last month...

Well, here is what happened...
He was outside and it was already getting dark, I was sitting in the "office" and reading about brakes and  traffic rules and Ingrid was watching TV when I realized that a cat-fight was going on outside. I guess you all know how terrible that sounds...
We stormed outside because we knew Mika was in trouble but we couldn't find him at first.
I went into one of the old buildings next to the stable and house, the windows are broken there and that makes this building a perfect playground for cats.
So I went in and saw that a cat was leaving through that broken window, but I couldn't say if it was Mika or not. Ingrid and the dogs were waiting on the other side of the house and we noticed on Cleo's behavior that it had been a strange cat...
So the intruder was gone, but still no MIKA!
We kept calling his name but nothing... but then Aaron put his nose down on the ground and went right up to the cherry tree.
Ingrid looked up and there he was - on the highest branch with his eyes fearfully wide open.
Aaron had found him! *good boy!*

It didn't look like he would come down any time soon so I went to get the ladder.
We brought him inside and checked for injuries but luckily he didn't bleed and his eyes were okay too.
He is limping a bit on his left hind leg, but that will be just fine again in a few days we hope.
He is putting weight on it so he's probably "only" stretched a tendon or something like that.
Going outside is not one of his priorities now, he prefers to get some rest and take it easy on my lap which is okay by me. Smart cat! Cat's know what is best for them, don't they.

It's not raining right now and I promised Cleo to walk with her...
So I'll change into decent clothing now (I am still in my PJ's - it's "kristihimmelfärdsdag" today, a christian holiday :)), fix me a sandwich and off we go.
Hope the weather holds, as I said, Cleo HATES rain!



  1. Wonderful pictures and great commentary. We are dog and cat people and have had German Shepherds. I remember our Shepherds growing into their ears. I just love your image of Aaron running toward the camera. Priceless.

    I hope he does well in school. Our first Lab was the class clown in school. Our second was a very good student and now runs Agility.

    Very best,

  2. Great Post! I know Aaron will do great in school. He will love it for sure! Poor Mika. Had a traumatic happenstance. poor kitty. Nasty invadors coming on his property. Hope he heals quickly! ...debbie

  3. Poor Mika. Good thing that he has such good watchdogs for friends!
    Aaron is very handsome. I hope that he enjoys his schooling and makes some good friends!
    Again .... a great photo of Aaron running at you.

  4. YOu have beautiful animals

  5. Puppy school is so important for dogs, so glad Aaron gets to go! doing well?

  6. Aaron is so wonderful that he found Mika! So beautiful to see that kind of love within your "family"...Your stories are so heartwarming...and with this post, you have brought me big smiles on a very rainy Monday! Thank you, with ALL my heart! ~Janine XO


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