Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Finally home again!

Here they are.
After almost 10 hours travelling very comfortably in Marcel Jordan's Truck.

They looked very happy and relaxed when Marcel opened the door.
Midas was the first one to unload, then it was Indigo's turn (he couldn't wait to follow Midas).

After a cuddle we took them to the pasture and into their new open stable.

But...see for yourself:

This is what we see from our house...

And Ingrid with Midas in the stable...

It is dark now outside and time to check on them again.
We will keep them inside for the first night, just to make sure they settle in okay.

It is so fantastic to have them here now. The family is complete again.



  1. oh it's great to see midas and indigo with you again. (i've just arrived home (11 pm)) and am glad to get an impression of what it was like for them to set foot on swedish soil again. they look happy and playful and very well taken care off...

    i'm sure they will sleep well inside tonight and are looking forward to seeing you again tomorrow morning - and run around in the pasture - check out the new environment...

    be happy together and enjoy their company!

  2. So nice , where you live in the country! Gald that they are with you now...nice horses both!
    I love the plastic "sheeting" in he barn doorway..good for keeping fly out and also desensitizing!


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