Saturday, March 21, 2009


What to do with time?

Listen to music.

Go for a walk.

Eat a meal together with your family, your loved ones.

Write down your thoughts.

Trying to let the heart speak, not the mind.

Sitting still.

For a while.

Or a long time.

Listen to the inside.

Listen to silence.

Letting your creative, loving inside come to the surface.

This basic inside that connects us to everything around us, everything that is important for us.

The people we love so dearly, the animals in our lives.

Trying to touch their hearts as they touch ours every single day.

Time does not exist, it is an illusion.

That is what I heard and read.

And sometimes it really is like that, I can really feel that it is an illusion.

And then I have a smile on my face.

It's when I see a stranger smiling at me on the street, in a passing car, in a store.

It's when I see a child smiling at me, or when a child smiles at his mother.

It's when I see our horses play with eachother, when I see our dogs playing with each other.

It's when I see how Hasi touches the dogs, Missy or one of the horses. When I see the way she looks at them. When I see how she looks at me sometimes. ;-)

It's when I see the geese fly in formation high up on the sky.

It's when I see that a stranger helps someone else.

I even feel it when I see futile violence on the TV screen.

It's when I feel my horse breath underneath me, taking step by step, carrying me.

It's when I feel his trust, his respect, his love.

LOVE. Pure and easy.

That is all I want to get.

That is all I want to give too.

Not mind-love.


Pure Love.

Easy and clean.

Because Love is Life.

TIME is just a tool. TIME is a gift. TIME is what we can give to others. By listening instead of rushing through others lives.

Too often we put on a show for others. We are afraid to be who we are. It is all about entertainment in these days. Isn't it.

It is all about performance.

Too often we don't even remember who we really are anymore.

We are all tangled up in this machinery called society.

We have to break free. Have to break the circle. The circle of lies and illusion.

We have to see TIME for what it is. An ILLUSION.


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