Sunday, March 29, 2009


KIA - Huckepack!


We got to Vinslöv, to Olseröd (Coffee at Carola's), Fjälkinge all right.

On our way back home (looking forward to see the horses and maybe go for a short ride in the woods), - just outside of Laholm -

our pressious car broke down.

Not able to change gears, clutch totally "dead"... (Kupplung kaputti)


you wouldn't believe it but just two days ago we signed up for road help\assistance...

Two days ago!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Who would have thougth that we would need it so fast!


Our car is now in Halmstad at the "Kia hospital"

The driver of the "assistancekåren" (schwedischer 'oeamtc'/abschleppdienst) was very nice and took us to Avis where we could rent a car to get home.

That is where we are now, finally! HOME AGAIN! :))

BUT still, after all this "action"... we are happy with this Sunday.
We had a nice drive, saw a very nice, little farm in Fjälkinge (that we actually might rent from June) and got back home safe and sound.

Fjälkinge... what a beautiful area!!!

In a couple of days we will know more...



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