Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Lucky me!

I got soooo lucky today!

I took Midas and Indigo for a short ride into the woods...

First we went up the hill, got into a huge snow storm ( I looked like a snowman) and I really asked myself "what was I thinking!?"

And I could hear the horses think "what was she thinking??!!"


Well, going down the other side of the hill the weather got better. The storm was gone as quickly as it had arrived and the sun was shining again.



I saw a Moose standing next to the trail about 150 m ahead of us.
I stopped Midas and thought "wow!"
I tried not to breath and thought about turning around to take another trail back home.
But then i got curious...
How would the moose react?
Would it run away or attack?
I wanted to find out...
So I asked Midas to walk forward again and soon I saw that Mrs. Moose turning the other direction walking away from us, about 20 to 30 meters into the bush bush.
Then she stopped again turning her head into our direction.

That was when i spotted the others!!!
It looked like two (almost grown up) calfs, standing very close, almost leaning against each other, also watching us passing by.
I stopped Midas again and the 3 Moose(s ???) looked at each other.
I have to add that Midas and Indigo seemed to have no clue what was going on...
which I was very happy about, because I really think IF they had known, Midas would have lost controle of himself (meaning he would have started to run like hell, me on him trying to hold on to the saddlehorn...)

So we stood there for a little while and I enjoyed every second of it, feeling pretty lucky and blessed.
I didn't want to piss off the Moose though (Moose mums are well known for defending their young very agressively..), so I decided to keep on moving.
As I looked back over my shoulders one more time, I had a big smile on my face.

I sat back in the saddle and had just started to relax, when Indigo made a big jump - and Midas with him... OF COURSE!

DEER on the run...

Well, we got settled down again quickly and continued to head home...

Still happy and smiling and not expecting anything.


Around the corner, turn to the left, just 5 minutes from home.


I couldn't believe what I saw.
To the right, in the bush bush again. This time only one of them (at least as far that I could see). WOW!
I stopped the horses again even though this time Midas was not responding so well to my cues. I am pretty sure that this time he had heard "her" and of course he must have smelled "her" too.
All I saw was bush bush and 2 big, round and fluffy ears, directed towards us.
Again, I tried to keep Midas still for a couple of seconds and held my breath.

What a moment. So much engergy and truth.

It was really like...


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