Monday, March 28, 2016

I am enjoying this Easter weekend, really! I am!
4 days off in a row, that doesn't happen too often. 
I cleaned the house,baked bread, started working on a new project in my leather shop, had dinner in town with extended family and friends, played a lot with my cats and watched a couple of movies. 

We've enjoyed some nicer weather, warming sunshine and the four minutes of additional daylight we are getting now every day... that feels great!
Winters here feel a lot longer then I am used to and that influences my mood from time to time. 

I have read a lot about Ayurveda over the past few months and have also gotten into Yoga. 
I teach myself as I go along, with the help of books, video tutorials on YT and yoga classes that are available online. 
The science of Ayurveda is about 5000 years old and originates in India. 
Ayurveda is a science of life (Ayur=life, Veda=science or knowledge) and I find that there is an amazing amount of wisdom in that lifestyle. 

My biggest challenge is probably that I am not very consistent and that I have bad self control, especially when it comes to my eating habits. 
I quit smoking a very long time ago, I never really liked drinking alcohol but I do love sugar. 
And I eat too much of it, it is as simple as that. Not as much as I used to, but I still feel in my body that it is too much. Less is always more when it comes to better health, just too bad that those pastries and cakes taste so darn good! 
But I won't allow myself to give up either so... !! 
I am kinda stubborn you know! LOL

I would really like to upload and post some nice photos from my mac, but since I've upgraded my Macs operating system to ElCapitan the other day, well somehow it doesn't work anymore, not how I want it to.... Dang!

And I wonder if it is possible to change the name of my blog. I'll have to look into it. "Hillybillyfarmgirl"... a name I feel like I've grown out of somehow.

Time to tidy up the apartment and make waffle batter, I'm expecting company this afternoon.

We're back on summertime now and I feel like I'm running short on one hour! Gotta hurry now!



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