Sunday, March 6, 2016


It has been quite a while since I've written and published on this blog.
It's been quite a while since I've written anything really.
Lately though I've been feeling that I want to get some of what's going on inside my head, and in my life, out there again.

So, what's been going on in my life those past two years !!!!! since my last post?

Too much to remember it all I guess, but then on the other hand, luckily some things have stayed the same, and that is a good thing.

I think the biggest change in my life has been that I got divorced a couple of years ago. I live alone now and, honestly, I love it and I hate it.
I enjoy the freedom to do whatever I want to do whenever I want to do it. I love that I don't have to answer to anyone. I love that I can be in solitude and silence when ever I need to.
I love to cook and eat whatever feel like and I have the double bed to myself.
Except.... when the cats choose to join me and they do love to cuddle up a lot.

Speaking of cats...
and animals friends.

Some of you might remember Cleo? And Missy Lou? And Aaron?
Well, sadly they are all gone, moved on to another roam of existence.
Cleo has been part of my live for more then 14 years, good years. She is missed greatly and will always be remembered as a funny, happy little dog with a huge heart and spirit. <3 p="">

Missy Lou was part of the family for 8 wonderful years. She moved with us from Austria to Sweden and was always like a calming rock in the storm. Her last years she was happy, living where she belonged, out on the country side, free to go outside or stay inside whenever she wanted. She loved the quiet country life and she was a good hunter, and a golden soul! <3 p="">

About Aaron, the German Shepherd, well, his life lasted only 5 years, he had to leave us too soon. But he was a happy and loyal companion until the very end. Watching over his entire family, that was his job. And he did it well. He took such good care of his "Auntie Cleo" when she got to wonder through the world half blind during her past few years. Guiding and protecting her. What a loving and caring spirit Aaron was! We were so blessed to have him in our lives.<3 nbsp="" p="">

Last November we moved from the countryside to a smaller village, closer to my work.
We, Mika, ("my man" as I call him) and I.

Mika is doing well and is becoming quite comfortable in his new home. Finally. I kept him inside those past few months, but soon, when spring arrives, I will unlock the cat door that I installed for him.
He is very people shy and he needed to get used to living close to neighbors and traffic first.
In december we welcomed another new family member.
Mika got a little sister! He is very happy with his new playmate!
Please meet Mausi aka Little Mouse.

As you see, she is gorgeous. And sweet. And quite a handful sometimes for Mika. But they love each other and that is more that I could have asked for. With cats, you just never know, right?!

She likes to sit on my shoulder when I go places by car. She'll soon be 6 months old which means that we'll soon have to pay a visit to the vet to get her "fixed" so she can join Mika on his outside adventures when spring arrives.

...well, what happened other then that you might wonder?
I still work as a bus driver and I still like it, mostly.
I still think of changing career some day, and I will, but it takes time to find something else.

I started with Yoga and I meditate.
I got away from LCHF (low carb high fat diet) and am all into Ayurveda.
Now that (lifestyle) is so incredibly interesting!
Doshas, asanas, mantras.....
Pranayama, Abhyanga and tongue scraping.....
Eating and being healthy and still get to eat desert, it can't get better then that!

Life is good! be continued :)


  1. It is so good to see you here and meet your new furry friends! You sound quite happy. :) I had a special liking to Aaron. I'm so sorry to hear he is gone. :(


    1. Thank you Lois! It feels nice to be back. :) Yes, I'm quite happy with my life right now but there's always room for improvement, isn't it.
      Aaron didn't get to stay too many years, but he was a happy camper despite his condition. Always kind and loving.

  2. It sure has been a long time with many changes! Nice to see a post from you and I love your two roommates.

  3. Wow! I am so happy that there's still people out there who read my blog 😀 How are you Lori? Hope all is well!

  4. It has been so long and I am happy to see you here again! A divorce is a life changing thing and I have been through that. I am glad you updated me on your critters though. Cleo and Aaron...oh those beautiful animals. Sigh. Thank you for this post.

    1. Val! Thank you for commenting! Yes, it (divorcing) is really life changing, you have to re-discover who you are again, kinda. Becoming whole again without that other half.. It takes time and I don't feel that I am "there" yet, but it is the journey that is important, isn't it ;) ...Sometimes I don't know if I would make it through the day without the love of my animals.

    2. ...I love it when they make me laugh! <3


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